As we end the year 2021 and look forward to a better 2022, I am struck by how quickly what we put our attention to (good, bad or indifferent), we are capable of manifesting. What we manifest follows our awareness (or lack there of) and our intentionality.

The timelines have sped up yet again, through the astrological, political, medical, and environmental positioning we accept as our reality or deny as a reality we do not wish to participate in. This is a double edged sword, because we all have emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, ancestral, cultural or karmic baggage that impacts the lens through which we see and believe. The self work we do to eliminate those illusionary sound bites, or to at least consider an alternative perspective on what no longer serves our self, humanity, or our planet, will determine how we interpret and/or how we challenge ourselves to rise above others interpretations. How we allow others to define our reality can either limit us, keep us locked into where we are, offer us an alternative understanding, a new decision, or liberate us.

In a rare dream blog, I am not going to decode the following dream. Does it speak of illusion or creation? It suggests to me that there is always a new day, a new dream, another opportunity to grow outside the boxes we often place ourselves in. We are our own master teachers. Our potential to be aware, manifest, heal, envision and create magic, is our birthright.

I leave this dream for you to ‘feel into’ and envision the year you wish to manifest, with all the capability you have to be astonished, to be aware, and to actualize the magic within you.

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The dream:

I am in a small group of people. I am sitting on the righthand side of a master Tibetan teacher. The group is meditating with their eyes closed. I am aware of being required to watch him do his magic/healing/manifestations. He was working with a cauldron, and I knew intuitively that the last image or symbol he was to manifest and place in the cauldron would be the final healing symbol that a person of great importance would need.

I was surprised that saw the symbol briefly has he conjured it and placed it in the cauldron. In that brief moment of recognition, it disappeared into the base of the cauldron. I was shocked, and he was bemused at my reaction. I kept watching his hand movements knowing that the others still meditating (or now sleeping), were unaware. At the final moment the symbol shape shifted back for me to fully see. I knew he was showing me this because I had the potential within me to do this too. I was astounded. He smiled and I knew this was a huge lesson he was offering me, to be remembered.

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