‘My Dream’

March 2016 ‘My Dream’ entry.


(Note: This dream occurred for the person in January. Because dreams are non-local, meaning not bound by time, space, psyche, or breath–new meanings are always relevant because consciousness is not confined.) The dreamer states she has had a few dreams of late about her two deceased parents.

I am going to review some of this dream using my last post on symbolism and impressions. Both of these create emotions arising in part from conventional, personal and ancestral beliefs. If this were my dream, these are some of the observations and/or questions I might suggest or ask.

Always keep in mind that the dreamer will feel what resonates for him or her or what doesn’t ring true. Pay attention if the questions or observations bring up discomfort or an ahha moment, as either of these is something to explore deeper.

I do believe that those we care for who have crossed over can decide to come to us in our dreamtime to communicate something. The dream space provides a fluid ‘contact vehicle’ or energy wave for loved ones to impart information.

‘My Dream’: Here’s my dream journal entry verbatim-
Walking down the sidewalk, right side of the street. As I pass a telephone pole – time appears to be late ’60s, a city, New Jersey? 

Walking down a sidewalk on the right side of the street. Sidewalks imitate paths, and pathways bring us to a scene, or place, we may or may not wish to observe. Pathways in many ways create sensations that arise as we follow their direction. It is on the right hand side of the street.  I might suggest two things here given both word play and/or the definition offered as to the alternative purpose of the two hemisphere’s of the brain. Is this the “right way” for you to be going? Or perhaps, is your right brain, (numerological computation, pragmatic reasoning, and language as related to intonation or the emotional state of the speaker) asking you logically look at this dream story, or perhaps expand past your pragmatism as regards a new path? If the sidewalk is a new path, will reviewing your past (60’s), be helpful? 

I pass a telephone pole. Someone or something is trying to communicate to you.  (60’s time period), is that a message from your past, or is the message perhaps late in getting to you? It’s a pole, so you might have to think about what’s trying to be communicated to you from more lofty heights or from a higher perspective of looking at the information. [Aside: numerological #60/6 on the Seneca Cycles of Truth is about having faith in one’s self and trusting that they can present or speak their truth as new awarenesses unfold.]

The time appears to be late 60’s. What does that time frame mean in your world? What was going on in your family at that time? The 60’s was a more liberated time period, with lots of changes and freedoms politically, sexually, musically, religiously, and culturally. It also produced a lot of angst for older, parental, or more fixed folks who feared such changes in every corner of their world. How was that handled in your home? Or how is change handled in you now? Do you struggle between freedom and rigidity in any area of your life?

-a city, New Jersey. What’s your affiliation with New Jersey, and if there is none for you or your family, what emotion does New Jersey bring up for you? Word play, you can “put on a new jersey,” or perhaps a new new way of looking at something from your past, that can inform your current or future self?

– an older model car, like a Ford Fairlane – two tone, white and teal—pulls over to curb. As I turn to look, I see my father is behind the wheel. He appeared to be in his 40s. I’m excited to see him, think-say You’re alive, you’re still alive! Had the feel of true reality, not a dream.

Sometimes a car can represent the physical body. This old Ford Fairlane, could represent that your father was older when he passed, but like many of those who have passed at later stages of life, they show up in our dreams as a younger more energetic imprint of themselves. Mainly because they associate more with themselves at that time of their life, when they felt more vibrant. Did your father take the ” fair lane” in raising you? He’s driving, was he in control or controlling?

Emotion: It would appear that you are very excited to see him, as you think he is still alive and that makes you happy…..and you would like that to be true in some capacity. (Had feeling of true reality and not a dream). In the dreamtime, the field of possibilities is larger. We are able to tap into the greater field of consciousness, it is more of a true reality than what we call reality. In the dreamtime, we’ve just stepped into a non-local awareness of parallel time waves, where we can go backwards or forwards on the time line we live in during waking life. In that sense dreams are very shamanic. My question would be, Do you have anything left unsaid for him, as you can say that to him at any point, understanding that in death there is still consciousness, just not a physical body of flesh and blood.

[Just as a side bar on the symbology, in numerology/tarot the #40 becomes the 4, the Emperor, the father; and this was your father. On the Seneca Wisdom Wheel, the #4 stands for motivating ourselves towards our spiritual truth. On those same wheels, the color white stands for boundaries, sharing, and magnetism….how we magnetize to ourselves the people, places, and thoughts that help us “grow corn” and conversely how we also release from ourselves, the people, places and thoughts that inhibit our freedom to “grow further.” Is there anything in that explanation for  you to consider?

The color teal is likewise said to be a vibration that can enliven spiritual growth and motivation, so it would repeat the energetic message to some degree, of what the #4 meaning is trying to impress on you.

He gets out of the car and comes over to me on the sidewalk. We walk a few steps and then are in the kitchen of an old house.

-in the kitchen of an old house. Kitchens signify nurturing, it is where we are physically fed, but can also be emotionally fed and cared for. The old house represents the past or an old emotion. Do you feel nurturing is lacking in your life? Did you get emotional nurturance from your parents/father? Conversely, do you need to stop seeking nurturance from without, and learn to give it to yourself? How do you father yourself? Protect yourself? Nurture yourself?

The feel, again is late ’60s or even earlier, the ’50s. We walk in – counters/sink/stove/fridge run along my right and veer left along the far wall. I look up into that corner above the end of the counter – a break, maybe leading to another room – and

Timing question: Is it late in time (60’s/50’s, your dream sequence repeats this again) Do you cling to the past; or is there something about living in the past that is limiting your forward motion? What is your past trying to remind you of or want you to remember? What is important about your past that your dream self is wanting you to focus on? It is repeated because it is trying to make a point for your waking self.

You have everything available to nurture and feed yourself. This is symbolized through the countersink, stove, fridge, everything one would need to care for their needs in the kitchen. And again it is on the right, observe that direction is also being repeated…but there is a break to the left (possibly seeking more balance or confirmation of something-like a fork in the road), maybe leading to another room (another direction in your life that quite possibly you need to explore).

I notice the old, stained acoustic tiles in the ceiling. One is dipping at the corner and as I look, a fine black dust/powder begins to stream through, getting more and more voluminous as it falls. I know that it is the crushed bodies of dead insects and that it is dangerous to me.

Your emotions suddenly shift here. Always pay attention to that in your dreamscape; your dream body now has your full attention. You were excited to see dad. You followed him into an “old memory.” That memory was one where you hoped to seek some form of nurturing. You have all the tools to offer that to yourself now (all the kitchen appliances), but suddenly the ceiling (which can represent a higher spiritual knowing, but also implicates that you’ve stop moving upward-that is not a judgement, we all pause before we move to grow again, as pausing is part of the momentum that gives us the energy to keep going)….but it is falling and stained. There is something emotional from the past that “stains” or limits you from “hearing” (acoustic tiles), something you need to acknowledge, to free yourself–either emotionally, or ancestrally from your family of origin. There is something in that observation that feels dangerous to you? I see this as a warning, or opportunity to be aware of something that needs change in your outer world.

Fine black powder is streaming through the ceiling tiles, more and more of it is falling. You can’t hold back that which needs to be addressed or remembered; it will come out one way or another. Black is the absence of all color, and may indicate you don’t know what to do to refresh and bring color back into your day to day. I know that it is the crushed bodies of dead insects and that it is dangerous to me. Bugs, (although dead and crushed-both of which insinuate the past), are an annoyance at worst, a reminder of survival at their best. What about your past is dangerous for you to remember….or counter-inuitively, what about your past do you need to release.

Black on the Wisdom Wheel is about finding balance through listening to your inner needs, thus moving you forward; it only feels dangerous until we assess the emotions it brings up, or learn what to do with the information coming into conscious awareness. Although this might feel like the least comfortable part of the dream, it is actually your subconscious or conscious dreamer’s way of getting you some important info, fast. Look how quickly it changed the mood for you and grabs your attention.

From behind me, I get the sense that my father is there, trying to distract me away from this black stuff, think-saying that that wasn’t for me or wasn’t good for me. I consented to leave and the dream ended.

Is father behind you as a protector distracting you so as to not dredge up painful memories; or is he distracting you because a direction you are about to take in your waking life is not a good path for you; or is he distracting you from a dangerous knowing, that once brought into your awareness would be painful to remember? Only you will know if any of these questions mean anything by the emotions they illicit for you in the asking.

Something else to keep in mind that is of importance in any dream. When your dream character is someone familiar to you, or you are being warned to look at something uncomfortable that the dream story has brought up…the sequence may simply be making an analogy to someone current in your life, or a situation in waking life that is either similar to, or as yet unfamiliar in playing out. By assuming they are only who you think they are (dad), you miss the multiple layers of what the dream is trying to reveal to you.

Activity for more clarity: My suggestion is to pick just one object in the dream: dad, New Jersey, the Ford Fairlane, the kitchen, the crushed bugs…any object, and do stream of consciousness with the image-write down everything that floats up in your mind and in bodily sensations. Don’t edit the thoughts, sensations, images, or impressions by assessing anything is either too silly, or makes little sense in the recording of it. Become it; use your senses to feel and embody it. Then pick a second image from the dream and do the same thing. Compare the information you get between the two and see what new realizations emerge.





Dream Imagery: Symbolism & Impressions


March 19, 2016 post

Please excuse the tardiness of this post & no images, my computer has ‘de-friended me.’ 

Dream imagery in its simplest form, reflects the content of the dreamer’s experiences, beliefs, and even their ancestry. Our night dreams are only one aspect of dreaming (as I have learned it). Our brain’s never stop emitting nerve impulses that essentially impact “our whole dream,” or both waking and sleeping life. Life after all, is a reflection of symbols and impressions dialoguing with our body and moving through our senses. This happens both in our awake world and in our dreamtime worlds.

The goal of both the waking state and the state of the dreamtime, is actually encompassed within the “act of dreaming.” For many people it makes them more comfortable if their sleeping world doesn’t intrude into the waking world, so they pay little attention to their dreams. Why? Often because the outer world is bound by rules and we can convince ourselves that “this is reality.” In our sleeping world, the impressions and imagery might be labeled fantasy, confusing, seemingly have nothing to do with our waking experiences, but in reality their effects actually have a discharge that impacts our outer world and as such our physical state.

A Tsalagi (Cherokee) herbal teacher I once had, instructed that in his tradition, if someone was bitten by a snake in their dreamtime, they would be treated for a snake bite in their waking time. It was less about the snake bite, and more about how our dreaming experiences need to be propelled into our waking state. The bridge between these two worlds becomes the reactive expression through the barometer of the physical body, and our body’s sensory experiences.

Symbols have to do with something visible that often represents something invisible, and is informed, or agreed to by people because of convention, personal, or ancestral beliefs. Impressions are more a feeling, supposition, or notion. Both illicit emotions. The emotion or sensation of the dream is very important toward  bringing us insights to energize and re-inform. The lesson is to use the emotion, not to emote necessarily, but to transmute those qualities that restrict us because of the emotion, and move us to a greater perception of the Self.

Dreams will become persistent, sometimes nightmarish, or tell the same story from multiple directions to help us in clear “seeing.” It is clear seeing that moves us past our limiting beliefs and repetitive behaviors, and returns us to the sacred.  Sacred is how we use our intent to manage the energy we have, and eventually detach from all forms both verbal and imaginal, though counter-intuitively they are two descriptors that get us there.

One gift of the dream world is to help re-educate us. While communicating from our inner world, the dream self provides a reversal from focusing on the outer world. If we only look, learn, and listen to our outer, we forget how to ‘see and act’ in the dark. It is in the dark, in the dream, that we turn inward to touch the light of the sacred.

When we understand that perceiving our world is how we actually create it, then listening to our dreams will become one way to free ourselves from outer patterns that imprison and obscure the greater reality available to us beyond these corporeal bodies.

As a challenge see if you can record just the emotion you feel upon waking over the next three days. Don’t expand as to why you think you feel that way, just try and use one word or one sentence. Be succinct. Once you start building the reasons as to “why” you think you feel the way you do, you run the risk of only using one hemisphere of your brain, one concretized form of understanding, and missing a deeper or more hidden connection. See how it lingers within you, comes up at unexplained times, or expands in certain situations throughout your day. Then ask that emotion to inform you with a larger dream sequence on night four. Both the dream content and the emotion can now become your ally….What new information does it connect to below the surface of your outer knowing?