Dreaming within the Dream

In my dream, I am dreaming.

Gram often called these types of dreams, cross-over dreams. They are dreams that take us into multi or interdimensional places. When we become aware of a dream within in a dream, there is a piece of lucidity to the fabric of the dream. But unlike a lucid dream we do not have control over the dream’s essence.

Gram suggested that when we are taken into these deeper realms, we get to experience the multiple aspects of the greater Self that is occupying different, but equally ‘real’ dimensions of life and learning. These dreams can bring us into current, or ancient situations because time is not linear, it is circular.

As I am dreaming in the dream I feel the weight and sadness of the hard things happening in our world right now. Layers upon layers of sadness in the dream within the dream–these layers are things I am aware of (dapl, trump, the hurt of the Earth, colonization, fear in people, etc.) and also more ancient things that I have no words for.

To me, you have tapped into the deep pain and confusion of where so many find themselves in these times. This is an accumulation of energy that circulates in and around humanity and the Earth at this point. It is not aimed at any one thing, or person, but is the culmination of a world in chaos and a need for balance. Energy is malleable, it can be restructured.

By all religious, cultural, and ethnic historical accounts, it has been eons of work to grow in consciousness and learn to be accountable for the energy we put out. What we put out energetically is what we manifest, and when that is being done exponentially by masses of people, it gathers form. It is evident even by the most elementary standards, that humanity should have it more together at this point, than the cycles we keep repeating.

In the dreamstate we are closer to the essence of Soul, which is one’s essential divine nature plus the experiences we have learned across lifetimes, or perhaps in concurrent lifetimes?  I suggest you were tapping into the energy of global conscious thought, often more palpable in the dreamtime or meditative states, as well as one within yourself that weighs on you.

In the dream I am feeling depression and despair–I see nothing just feel all of this. When in my dream, a crystal is given to me. It is tangible and real, bright true orange and it is beautiful. Clear. It fits in my hand.

The weight of energy, when it is not of a higher or finer vibration feels dense. Despair, hurt, hate, sadness, betrayal, and all those concerns you mentioned above, are vibrating at a lower frequency. In a more refined or healthier state of vibration, you would not feel this as despair. That essence, or feeling, is a combination of what is within your field, and what is in the bio-field around us all.

The crystal is a reminder to be clear seeing, and to know that your destiny, whatever that is to be, is in your hands. The energy of chaos may affect you (as we are all interlinked in the web of life), but it cannot rule you, if you move beyond your despair by doing what it takes to maintain a higher vibration of your Self, personal equilibrium.

Orange on the Medicine Wheel, according to Gram Twylah, was about learning and doing through having both the drive and the aspiration to learn the truth. In her teachings, truth was never concretized as The Truth. Truth always was about new considerations because everything is in a constant state of change. Truth is different than moral awareness.

Bright orange crystals bring in the frequency of joy, merriment, overcoming sorrow, despair, grief and bringing people together. What we focus on, we will experience. Your higher self, your dream body, wants you to find the joy you are capable of feeling, within the information related to you in this dream.

There are 3 points I can see, but feels like there may be one in can’t see in my palm.

3 stands for Past, Present, Future; the triple God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) or Goddess (muse, creatrix, wisdom); along with actions that lead us to awareness, growth, and transformation….but they all need a 4th thing, hidden from our view. That hidden 4th element is our faith. Faith cannot be seen, and is not something you can prove. You don’t gain faith as one of my teachers, the late Maya Perez told me, “You either have it or you don’t.” You have to have faith, even if you cannot currently see a better world around you.

So this begs the question: Do you have faith in yourself; in what you are being asked to do, both in this dream, and in your outer world? Given the crystal you were handed, faith could denote having the confidence and trust to bring people together, in small joyous ways, while learning to raise your personal vibration beyond the despair you see.

As I am waking from my dream, into the dream, I am in awe that a crystal has manifested in this way. A voice in the dream says, “This crystal is to bring joy and hope back when all feels lost. When you are overwhelmed. It will bring the people together.” With that I wake up and I am holding the crystal.

Awakening into the next dream is bringing you into another level of awareness through the continuation of the dream story. And, this is exactly what the vibration of orange crystals are used for. I would also suggest your dreaming self was instructing you to get an orange crystal that appeals to you, to help you maintain your balance as things swirl around you.

My indigenous grandmothers, despite their Native persuasion, always suggested, that you must first have the dream before it can manifest in your outer world.

And then my dream switches to the council. So many people. In circle. Lots of ages and races of this world and time but also other realms. It feels like a gathering of people that have come together to make plans for what to do in this new year.

I see this part of the dream as a gathering of souls, both in-body and throughout time. Souls from other frequencies are currently working with humanity. The ancients, and others we don’t even know about who were here before us, and those who have never incarnated, are all working together, as they have been doing for millennium. They share a common goal–to help direct humanity as we grow consciously in the understanding that light and love exist within every single one of us.

The ‘new year’, is only a metaphor for the continuation of what has been formulating across time and space and breath, since the beginning….and yet again.

The How we can save our Earth and heal.

The Earth will heal Herself, it is humanity that will either need to elevate in consciousness or become extinct. We have a choice, we have always had a choice. But as we are coming to the close of a 26,000 year cycle of evolution and encoding, called the precession of the equinoxes, what we consider ‘the time to awakening’ in this particular cycle, is fast approaching.   

As I become aware of the council I sense that I have been allowed to join it mid-session and that they have been there a long time. 

I don’t think this means you are a young soul. I think this means that in this life you are taking your place in ‘that circle,’, but all souls, at any time in their process of awareness, can join the circle. This might also mean you are at the mid-way point of your Earthwalk, or perhaps if all our lives are happening concurrently, that you have just awakened, on yet another level of attunement, to your place in this cosmic circle.  

There has been intense conversation. People have been arguing and are tired.

Yes, I can imagine that those souls working damage control for eons are tired. Humanity should be far more advanced by now, but we keep repeating the cycles of the dark forces, stimulated by abuse and greed, perceived lack and fear of our own dense realities, instead of moving beyond into the grace we are constantly offered.

I am new and feel shy so I turn to an older white man next to me a tell him I have this crystal and that maybe it could be used to help because it feels like exactly the type of moment my dream had told me about. He scoffs a bit at my suggestion and brushes me off.

No offense to the term older ‘white men’, because there are many great and compassionate ones, many advanced and conscientious ones, and it is significant that we do not always incarnate into the same gender or race, so at some point we have all experienced that vibration. However, it is clear at this time in history, that it is the mentality of the old paradigm, the symbology of ‘white man’ that has done so much damage to the Earth, and who scoff at those positing another position or perspective.

I had been talking quietly, so as to not draw attention to myself nor to speak to the whole group, but an old woman across the circle stands and addresses me and the whole group. Despite my quietness she has heard everything.

The Ancients and the wise ones hear everything, those helping who are not in body don’t need voice. Sound is a vibration, and vibrations ripples through the Universe. The Old Ones hold the vibration of love, which is measure or vibration of light, sound, and mathematics. The Universe vibrates in mathematics as measure, not as calculation. The Old Ones know because they inhabit the vibrations of light, sound and measure.

She is very old and short, a native woman. 

I think this comes to you as an old Native Woman because of your training, since you were little. It can also be seen as a representation of the Earth Keepers, the Ancients, the indigenous and/or those others who have much to teach, and have taught much through the ages. Still many do not listen.

She feels to me like she is from southern nations but I don’t know what that means exactly. I can tell from how people listen that she has been in council a long, long time and her words carries big weight. She says clearly to the man and me and everyone present that the crystal is indeed what I say it is. She names it. Saying it is a “squash crystal.” Or “squash stone.” That it is used to bring joy and hope back when times are dark and people feel that it is hard to go on. She says it calls the people together.

So once again the dream explains the use of the orange frequency, coming together, finding joy, and maintaining center. Squash is one of the 3 sisters, as you know, and squash blossom necklaces for native Peoples symbolized big power. The power isn’t in the ‘thing’ it is in the clarity of knowing joy is a vibration that needs to constantly find resonance within the human form, despite the despair and pain. That’s how we stand in our power.

She addresses all of you in the circle, because we all exist in that circle, that Web of Life, that Sacred Space, that Medicine Wheel. It feels like this is the ancient Earth Mother Herself, speaking to Her children.

She says it calls the people together. I look and she is holding it and then I look and I have it back in my hand and that is when I wake up. 

Mother Earth, our wise being-ness, that Conscious Self, is in each of us, it is in you…which is why the crystal is first in Her hand, and then back in yours. There is an infinite connection.

The simplicity of finding your spiritual center, and the difficulty of holding it, are one and the same-Faith. Jesus, was tested before he became the Christ; Siddhārtha Gautama struggled before he became the Buddha; Muhammad was persecuted before he became the Trustworthy. There have been many other women and men in all cultures and faiths across the ages that searched for balance, and all make up that circle we all sit in, each trying to awaken to joy beyond the human pain.  

All we can do, is our best and our best is all we have to offer each other. Consciousness and spiritual work is nothing if it is not implemented. There is no spiritual superiority in that statement, because that superior mindset likewise leads to a process of separation. Like the Old One said, “It is time to call the people back together.”

Thank you for sharing this powerful dream at this time.