The Ilse of Self

I was totally out of dream offers last month, which is why there was no April blog. In the interim, I received dreams from 3 different people over the last two weeks. I will get to each of these in the upcoming months, but please know that these blogs are stimulated by you sharing your dreamscapes. And I thank you for doing so.

Quite a few people over the past year have emailed, sharing that their dreams have intensified; become more powerful or more visual; brought them back to past live scenarios, ancestral information that had not been known; or provided reviews of experiences with people, places or things from years gone by in this current incarnation. On the same note, their dreams have taken them into future scenarios, not necessarily prophetic, but possibilities and Earth awareness.

I believe this has a lot to do with a few of things. First, we have all been isolated to one degree or another during this past year and a half due to the covid shutdown. Keeping us alone has made us turn more inward. Dreams usually filter out the issues and experiences we have had during the day. So, without constant external stimuli as many of us had been experiencing daily, our dreams have the potential to take us to unprocessed issues from the past or bring up people from our past as a stimulus to review.

Second, scientifically, the Schumann Resonance of the earth is spiking the electromagnetic frequency on the planet. According to one source, “Absorbing these frequencies causes the water in the body to begin to vibrate at the frequency of the spike. This can cause many uncomfortable symptoms but, in the end, it is also a testament that something is really happening to our planet and to our consciousness.” As such, these higher frequencies recalibrate the Earth’s magnetic frequencies, which would have an influence on the human auric field. This in turn affects blockages in the auric field that can bring on spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical affects that may help us recalibrate and come into sync with Earth awareness and personal awareness.  One theory posits, “When sleep is initiated brain frequencies first fall into a range where synchronization with the first Schumann resonance could occur.” Hence, we are our more open to this influence in the dreamtime.

Further, we are receiving neutrinos as our sun is passing into direct alignment with the Central Sun of Galactic Center and sending light encoded energies through our sun into our human biofield. This revolution takes approximately 12,000+ years, so this is a big deal as evolutionary light bathes our planet. Again, this would have a profound effect on our dreamtime. Likewise, we are going through the Photon Belt which is a powerful emitter of energy that helps the individual, as well as the collective, have the potential to lose the constraints of time, density, and literally syncs to the source of our unfettered light beingness. Nightly our dreams offer us this release from the time/space constraints of our believed history/herstory, for deeper self-awareness.

I think I will stop there, as that went longer than I anticipated, LOL. I do love these times of dreaming a new reality. Where you put your intentions, and how you cleanse your field of false beliefs about yourself, is where you will experience your conceived reality.


I had a dream that I was on an island with friends. They were trying to find people who would make drawings. I was feeling left out and wondering why I wasn’t asked, as I am an art therapist. Phuli(smart) and Nirmala (big heart) were there. I was asked and told I would be paid $83 dollars. I had to find people/children with mental illness and ask them to make a drawing of happiness. I wasn’t sure how I could do this as I would be taking a week off, but I decided to do it.


I had a dream that I was on an island with friends.

This dreamer is feeling isolated (the island), but desires to do/know more, as some of her friends are present. Covid has made us all feel like islands. Islands are surrounded by the water/ocean. The dreamer does not mention it, but I wonder if the water was turbulent, smooth, crystal clear, etc. This would give some direction as to the emotions, as water signifies the emotional body or where we are emotionally in the day to day.

Being with friends—so although the dreamer is feeling isolated, at this point in the dream sequence, it does not appear to create a sense of being lonely or alone. Islands can reflect that the dreamer needs some peace of mind around an issue or situation. It could also reflect that these friends are aspects of her inner pantheon that she has discovered or are as yet undiscovered.

They were trying to find people who would make drawings. I was feeling left out and wondering why I wasn’t asked, as I am an art therapist.

When people make drawings, they are revealing an aspect of themselves. It is not the dreamer who is instructed to find people, but the friends. This could suggest that inner parts of herself are pushing her to reveal more of who she is, or what she wants in her outer world, but she has yet to define that clearly even to herself. This indicates that the dreamer is possibly hesitant to reveal those deeper parts of herself she wishes to be seen for.

This makes her feel alone and not appreciated, despite the fact that her insecurity is self-induced. She sees herself as having the skill set to decipher these drawings as she is an art therapist, but she is still in the process of revealing herself, to herself. She is aware of these isolated parts within herself, but still cautious or uncertain as to how to project her needs/wants/desires fully into her outer environment to feel more connection, and less isolation. Sometimes wanting to draw, but not initiating the act of drawing, is a sign of unfulfilled hopes, or fear of making them real.

Phuli (smart) and Nirmala (big heart) were there. I was asked and told I would be paid $83 dollars.

As I have suggested in past blogs, the people we see in dreams are who they represent to us, and likewise an aspect of ourselves. The dreamer has taken the initiative it would seem from this sentence, to ask to participate in the activity of discovery.

We are all the directors of our own play, so if we do not ask, we do not receive, and thus create our own isolation. This does not mean we will always get what we want, but others do not know what we desire if we cannot express that. At the same time, we need to accept a yes or a no, without further self-isolation as a reaction to perceived rejection. Everyone is just trying to figure it out through accepting what may be right for them in the moment. It is here that learning detachment is a healthy skill.

Phuli represents that the dreamer wants to be seen for her intelligence, and Nirmala represents that she also wants to be understood for her big heartedness. She was told by these inner parts of herself that she would be paid $83. Numerologically, 8+3=11. Eleven is a high vibration number indicating the dreamer needs to see her value and worth without outside influences. 11 is also the Lust card in the Crowley tarot, representing courage, vitality, love of life, instinct, passion, and the willingness to take risks. These attributes are reminders to the dreamer of what she needs to tap to be more confident with herself.

On the Wisdom Wheels presented through Grandmother Twylah’s work,  11 stands for magnetism and boundaries—in other words what we are willing to draw to ourselves, or release from ourselves determines what we will experience and the boundaries we chose to draw, to share or not, becomes our personal rite of learning self-autonomy. Many consider the number 11 the number of the dreamer, because it is also the vibration of channeled illumination from our subconscious. A reason I continue to express why it is so important to listen to your dreams.

I had to find people/children with mental illness and ask them to make a drawing of happiness. I wasn’t sure how I could do this as I would be taking a week off, but I decided to do it.

This is a curious sentence and reveals something the dreamer may feel unconsciously about herself. People and children represent aspects of the self, now and what has been framed in childhood. Does the dreamer feel out of step with herself? Does she question that she has some form of mental misunderstanding of life; or her issues are all mentally oriented and hard to resolve; or perhaps mentally projects her needs of self-value onto the reaction of others? It is here that the dreamer needs to work at integration for a truer, more authentic sense of personal happiness. The dreamer is still unclear how to ‘draw; or create this happiness but is willing to try.

The dreamer decides to take a week off. A week equals 7 days. Seven days is the biblical number of Creation. 7 on the Wisdom Wheel stands for overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of loving ourselves. These arise based on past judgements by self and others. It is true, Rome was not built in a day, but the dreamer seems to be ready to direct and draw more self-determination for her own happiness moving forward.

Thank you, dreamer, for sharing.