A New Year to Learn More

Happy Solstice Blessings Dreamers. Solstice, where the darkest day turns back toward the light and the hours of sunshine begin to grow longer. Dreams are somewhat like this….a time to experience where the dark of our unconscious takes us, and bring those messages back upon waking into the light of a new day, with the purpose to en-lighten, reflect, and renew as our nocturnal messages continue to grow and become clearer.

I chose this dream for December’s decoding for two reasons. First, I greatly admired the man in the dream that this dreamer is speaking about, John Mack. He was a Harvard Professor, Psychiatrist, Pulitzer Price winner and directed a program called PEER, that spoke to anomalous and UFO experience research. He and his colleague helped make life make much more sense back in our work together in the mid-late 90’s. The second reason, is that through this particular dreamer’s passion and interest in the field of her own research around this topic (which dovetails with that of Dr. Mack), she has possibly made a connection to the inter-dimensional realms provided through the dreamtime experience, to touch something of a connection with the ‘spirit of John’ and a new opportunity for herself.

As Steve Richards shares in his dream and healing research, the Aboriginal “lore men,” knew that the dreamtime could access the internal dimensional world of all living things, through holographic kinetics. This offers an understanding of the internal to external and conversely the external to internal world of everything that exists in the world of living energy, including the spirit realms and as far back as creation. Although Steve’s process is used for healing work, what it holds in common with the dream below is not only that, “man can be understood as a multidimensional being in a multidimensional world,” but that under Universal Law “like attracts like,” be that emotions that need to be resolved, or in the case of this dreamer, desires that she would loved to have been experienced, or the possibility of being taken in a new direction of her own study. 

The Dream:

I think I had the dream around Dec. 1st, but life was so busy I just got around to writing it down today. I did tell xxxx about it that morning in detail, and I’ve thought a lot about it since I had it.

In the dream, xxxx and I were moving into a beautiful old University-Professor-like home that turned out to be John Mack’s house (!)

Dreams about houses oft times indicate something about ‘where we live within our self.’ In this case the dreamer, who is a researcher and a ‘professor’ of sorts around the same topic that John was a lecturer on, aligns her expertise to his.  She might also be doing more research on the topic, as this is a ‘university’ home, implying a place of learning.

There were a lot of people milling about and helping us, – a big gathering – and I didn’t really know how it had happened, but was very pleasantly surprised and kind of amazed. It was a gorgeous home and when I wondered how this happened I learned that xxxx and I had a one year lease.

The environment or emotion you put yourself in suggests a clear association to something in your waking world. In this case the dreamer has the help of alot of people to help her gather her thoughts, new information, and further research on a topic she holds dear. She has a one year lease. This would suggest to me, that she has about a year to research, or experience, with the assistance of a larger group–to possibly resolve something for herself, perhaps write another book on the subject, maybe to gather new information that she will use down the line. This one year lease tells me she is on a time frame.

It was very beautiful and elegantly finished. Maybe kind of a 2-story, Tudor style. Dark slate and wooden floors, leaded-glass windows, dark woodwork. (I have no idea what kind of house John lived in.)

She has commented in the past three sentences as to the beauty of this place; my sense is she likes the overall topic and where she finds herself in it. There is an elegance to both the topic and how she frames it, but a need for caution too. The 2-story Tudor style house and its parts, tells me that. [Tudor style houses followed Victorian gothic style houses]. The style was less ornate, more comfortable, and made of solid masonry and elaborately decorated stone. Implying the foundation of her study and beliefs is sturdy. However the lead glass windows suggests that there is a problem or heaviness with clear seeing, potentially blocking her strong insights or deeper possibilities/conclusions surrounding the research.

The number 2 on the Wisdom Wheels that Gram Twylah shared with me, is a placement of assessing the truth. I know that to be true about this dreamer, as well as the need to apply it to this topic. The dark slate and wooden floors gives an example on how solid she is in the foundational work on the UFO topic. Seeing slate in one’s dream can mean potential, solid information and knowledge; however dark wood or dark wood paneling suggests out worn ideas, or being stuck in time frame around a concept.

This could suggest that the research in this ‘university’ home will push the dreamer into some new ideas around the subject. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know the type of home John lived in, this is about her and not at all about him being the focus, he merely implies a camaraderie with the topic. 

The basement was mostly unfinished, fairly empty with a few construction materials around and sheet-rocked walls. However, it also had a walled off and beautifully finished guest room with big windows – daylight basement open to the back because it was built on a slope.

The basement is about going deeper into our subconscious and our unconscious or even the unknown. It’s unfinished because her thoughts and research on this topic are not finished yet, there’s more to know. There are sheet rock walls, sheet rock implying that something is not solid or finished, and walls implying there might be an old way of thinking that needs to be flushed out and changed for a different or broader perspective.

There is a beautifully finished guest room that is walled off with big windows. I interpret this as the dreamer has concretized something that will soon change. It is  a safe and  beautiful place for her to go within, but the light from the big windows (windows are doorways to the soul) inform her that something uniquely new in her thinking, or perhaps a new way of perceiving the topic will emerge.  

Down from the house were a couple of outbuildings. I was shown inside one of them that was for disturbed children, boys I think. It had some blocks and toys, was kind of messy and had orange walls.

Knowing this topic as intimately as I do, I know that there are satellite or fringe groups that take this topic to the extreme; that’s what the disturbed boys represent. In each of us, our divine masculine (lower case d and m), reflects logic, discipline and focus. But here it is messy. Orange on the Wheels indicates learning, focusing, and concentration. The color of the walls is a reminder for the dreamer to apply all these mental skills to the research, and not be lured to believe everything others say about this topic.

The fact that they are disturbed suggests that there are those commenting on this research that are playing with facts (toys) and need to establish a firmer foundation (building blocks), as to what they are suggesting or sharing. The dreamer is shown this to help her discern those possibilities, or aspects in her research, and to assess for herself what she continues to learn surrounding this topic.

I walked by another building on the way back up to the house that seemed to be associated like with the one I’d been in, but didn’t go in it. Needed to get back to the main house.

This shows she has come across these situations, be they ungrounded people within the topic, unfounded explanations of the topic, or unrealistic explanations beyond this topic. She is not distracted by them as she doesn’t go into another outbuilding that holds similar warnings. Her main goal is to get back to the ‘main house’, her understanding and her own solid foundational research.

Seems like there is a kind of party going on.

A party suggests new discoveries and/or people that can be met in social situations. It is a sign of exploring emotions, inviting in new situations, and enjoying oneself in the process.

Happy Holidays to all you dreamers, no matter how you choose to celebrate. Blessings  to you & yours as we enter 2017. Till next month….dream on!!!