Dreaming in the Hive Mind

Dreams are a manifestations created through the meeting of your imagination and unconscious ‘knowing’, and one way your subconscious deals with stresses. It is not uncommon to dream in reaction to the environmental vibrations being generated around you, especially if they are stressful. There is a Universal pulse that our unconscious selves is aware of, and in the dreamtime we are more susceptible to tapping into that frequency. Carl Jung’s collective unconscious explains part of this nicely.
I have chosen this dream for two reasons. Its symbolism is significant to this election cycle, (please know my interpretation is NOT a political statement*); and I believe this dreamer has her pulse on the more universal frequencies within the ‘fabric of time/space/breath’ that are being generated around the country in the “energetic mind soup” we are surrounded in.
*That said every dreamer and every dream analyst, has a lens through which they see things based on their history/herstory. I want to be fair for that possibility in this interpretation.
Though getting a bit scientific, I’m going to inject something here to support my belief that this dreamer was reacting more to a global pulse or beat. There is a study called predictive anticipatory activity or PAA. Quoting: “The phenomenon is ‘predictive’ because it can distinguish between upcoming stimuli; it is ‘anticipatory’ because physiological changes occur before a future event; and it is an ‘activity’ because it involves changes in the cardiopulmonary, skin, and/or nervous systems”…[side bar & my addition: I believe strongly, that dreams are another indicator through which the changes activate us.]
This PAA phenomenon is similar to what researchers have noted when world-wide events are about to happen and there is an unconscious, but notable ‘energetic spike’ recorded across the world as computer changes are generated by global reactions. It happened just prior to the great tsunami that occurred December 26, 2004, as well as pre and post 9/11. It’s called the ‘hive mind’. I quote one section of an article to make my point: “Since the 1990s, the Princeton researchers have been trying to measure this hypothetical giant, humanity-encompassing hive mind, by tracking the effect of events on a network of computers around the world that are set to churn out random strings of numbers. But the world paid relatively little attention to their efforts, until Nelson published this paper, “Coherent Consciousness and Reduced Randomness: Correlations on September 11, 2001,” in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2002. It reported that the traumatic terrorist attack, which caused a powerful out-pouring of emotions across the planet, had a measurable effect upon the network’s computers that was extremely unlikely to have been caused by chance.”
I always ask participants in my dream classes to give the dream a title. In doing so, you take action to bring a concept from the unconscious, and manifest an aspect of the dream’s symbology into your conscious state.
The Dream: (the dreamer’s title) Hilary and the wounded right.
I am visiting a friend, a Chelsea-Clinton-type young woman who is apparently my BFF.  She doesn’t look like Chelsea at all, nor do her parents look like Hill & Bill.  They all look Armenian–dark hair, olive skin, very distinctive non-Clinton faces, but I gradually realize that the mother is indeed Hillary.
Let’s first look at the word Chel-sea (‘chill sea,’ a deep set of cold emotions that may be hard to submerge oneself in comfortably for any length of time). Chelsea also means ‘port’…..Chelsea Clinton is a bright, articulate women and in many ways a ‘safe harbor’ or ‘port of call’ for her parents, despite their antics. The dreamer states she is not Chelsea, but Chelsea-like, but in the realization that her mother is Hilary, this makes it more likely that she represents Chelsea, or the fulcrum point of balance for this family, and possibly this dream.
They look Armenian, dark-haired, olive skin, distinctive, but not Clintonesque. Though Hilary means cheerful and merry, the adjectives used suggests that she might be keeping something ‘in the dark’ or possibly hiding something behind a mask that doesn’t represent who she/they (the Clinton’s) truly are.
Now that said, on the Medicine wheel, black stands for listening not only to the Self, but to the truths that others are speaking or sharing, so we can make better educated decisions. And, olive green represents a feminine archetype that needs to learn to bridge the will and emotions. I don’t think I am being unfair in suggesting that these two things are something Hilary has been accused of needing to bring into balance.
Ironically, one of the mantras of olive green is, “I can surrender to a new way of compassionate leadership for the sake of humanity.” The down side of this color is needing to transform fear and bitterness, if authentic empowerment is to occur. And this is their ‘skin’, skin is what covers us from head to toe, and is the first boundary or line of defense we present to the world. So some folks in this election see her as a woman who can bridge compassion and will as a sound leader for the things she believes strongly in; while others perceive her as someone to be feared, and a person who will bitterly and punitively defend her turf at all costs.
We’re in their very large home; they are entertaining guests.
(Homes/Houses in dreams usually symbolize the self. They are a personal refuge, a place where we go to relax with family/friends, or they can represent something about the self you are trying to explore. Specific rooms in the house indicate certain aspects of your psyche, so ending up in specific room, often says something about the act of your personal exploration within. 
The dreamer is in ‘their home.’ The Clinton’s private life has been thrown open once again to the general public. The size & shape and condition of the house says a lot-where this is ‘their’ very large house, it suggests that they have a large presence in the circumstances in which they currently find themselves.  They are interacting with many people (entertaining guests), which would also go along with what a candidate would need to do to gather forces. 
Chelsea comes over to me, excited, and tells me that she just saw her mother in a passionate embrace with their family doctor and the sense was they had just been intimate and were “finishing up.”  
I find this curious on two levels. One, the media is hyping a lot about the fact that Hillary may be sick, and that her doc is covering something up. This would be in the universal mind matrix. This could simply imply that she needs to watch her health. She and the doctor were in an embrace and the assumption is that they are intimate—Are they in cahoots together? Or having an implied affair? Certainly the media these past weeks have inferred both; that there are lies about her health and they have validated sexual scandals on both sides concerning Donald & Bill. In this case though, I am struck that an embrace means she needs support, someone to nurture her.
However, as all this innuendo “finishes up” in this electoral election, none of us should be surprised anymore by what else gets revealed. That is not implying Hilary is having an affair with her doctor, it is meant to say that we may get more intimate information about her personality as this whole campaign “finishes up.”
The numbness many are experiencing or counter point, the wrath some exhibit, will need to be dealt with (doctored) for us to become a healthier nation again that can ‘embrace’ our differences and ‘support each other’. So in this regard, Hilary has her own needs in this dream, and they reflect universal needs for our country; in a similar fashion that the dreamer having this dream is expressing her personal dream, while having also tapped into the matrix stimuli of a larger dream context.
Rather than being scandalized, Chelsea’s attitude was more, “Wow, who would have thought?” Other than that, she didn’t seem upset.
Speaking for myself and as interpreter, I think all the scandalized comments, exaggerated accusations, and vitriol have made many numb, like Chelsea’s reaction seems to suggest. We should be more intellectually upset than we are, but many are taking the attitude “Who would have thought?” Or worse, “What can we do?” or “Why should we care?”
In the next scene, we are outside and I get to see the house.  It’s built into a mountainside; everything is made from the rock.
The dreamer is now getting a look at this person/the house, from another perspective. Seeing a house from the outside of the structure, often means seeing the ‘façade.’  The house is built on a strong foundation and seems almost impenetrable; as a team the Clinton’s have always emulated that. It’s built into a mountainside, suggesting that they are very well entrenched, protected, or have secured a foundation that will be hard to move. You can’t move mountains. 
Everything is made of rocks. Does this imply their foundation, their rigidity, their perceived coldness, or their profound intellectual structured organization? Or do the rocks imply that they believe down to their very bones, (stones being the bones of the earth and corresponding to our human skeletal structure), that they have climbed mountains and built a strong foundation to preside over, and work hard for, humanity and the earth?  
We are down below the house on some type of pleasant plateau where the family entertains.
Down below the house/outer façade, on a plateau is where entertaining takes place-again the implication is that at the surface of who & what they show of themselves to be to the world, they occupy a pleasant zone of existence.  The terrain of a dream is very important, and says a lot about the context or symbolism in the dream itself. If one has reached a plateau, it suggest they have made a climb towards something and get to rest. When you climb down to a plateau, it suggests that little has changed and you might be resting on something you have attained in the past.
It is however a stable place, where they are more comfortable when they assess or ‘entertain’ the changes they seek to create or be part of.
There is a l-o-n-g staircase from the house down to the plateau, maybe 100 or 200 steps down. The staircase too is carved from solid rock, with a strong firm banister on the outer edge.  It’s really long but looks quite safe. 
Stairs in a dream, that are moving downward suggest going deeper into the Self. Look at the construct of the stairs to determine what this descent into the Self will look or feel like.  Stairs can also challenge us to take care of our approach to something. These are carved-implying they have purposefully been designed that way and come with a strong sense of form & function.
They are of solid rock, which means there is a concrete way to interpret how one gets to a safe place (the plateau). And the rock implies not much can shake them loose. There is a firm bannister on the outer edge, implicating that those descending will not fall into an abyss or be lost from the scene forever; they may get very close to the edge, but they will be able to recover any misstep.  There is a firm support with the bannister’s presence that will not allow them to fall over the edge.  
The house is large and very interesting architecturally, since it’s been carved right into the mountain
Although Hilary is the main focus in the dream, and on this 2016 campaign as the Democratic placeholder, the family is an intrinsic part of who she is. ‘Architecturally’, by design, she is not doing this alone. They are indeed an interesting family made up of many facets, and they have done battle, both pro and con over their many years together. They always land on their feet, and despite some of the scandals, they have carved out a solid place for themselves (the mountain) in politics, in history, as two distinct intellectuals, and as an intricately complex couple.
Guests are coming down to the plateau to join us. 
People have, and are, supporting her.  
The doctor appears at the top of the stairs.  Oddly, we notice he appears to have injured his right leg. Some type of serious strain. 
Going with the dreamer’s title, the conservative right as a unified whole, does seem to be limping along in this election. They are seriously strained as a party. Legs move us forward, and they seem to be struggling to move the party forward as a whole. It can also mean that the dominant part of Hilary, the right side, masculine, left brain-logos, discipline, direction and determination-needs some type of a healthy balance, as some people (falsely perhaps) perceive her as lacking true empathy and emotions.
He can get down the stairs if he moves very slowly and holds the bannister with both hands. He’s looking very uncomfortable and grunting.  It dawns on us that he “overdid it” when having sex with Hillary and injured himself.
The conservative right can appear off balance during these times, and needs to “hold on” to what they wish to exemplify moving forward after this election, no matter who wins. They can injure themselves for years to come if they “overdo” the rhetoric, that is actually tearing them apart as a party.  Sex is about integration, coming together, and can be simply seen as another expression for passion. I do think she is passionate about issues, but her naysayers always look for her woundedness and inconsistencies.
The problem here is if the right overdoes the rhetoric (and threats that their constituents have unabashedly said), in their effort to keep the House & Senate, even if they are not united fully behind their candidate, they will still injure their party through all the ‘grunting’/squabbling and uncomfortable feelings being generated.
We find this funny (it’s clear that the injury isn’t permanent and he actually can move around). Maybe he threw something out of place when over-exerting. Behind him another man comes to the top of the stairs.  As he starts down, it’s obvious he is also nursing an injured right leg.  The same injury.  He grabs the banister and starts down, limping and grunting just like the doctor.  They hear each other and look at each other; gradually it dawns on them that both of them have been having an affair with Hillary and have injured themselves in the same way. 
This can imply two totally different things. Perhaps, at this point in this election saga, some republicans are throwing their hat into the ring for Hilary cautiously, silently, or with even with more awareness. And if that were discovered, they would be embarrassed and shocked at who in the party has broken ranks. Or possibly, no matter how many times she pretends her ‘affairs’ are in order, something else comes up to embarrass her. (I’m thinking those pesky emails as they symbolize something being made public, similar to the men realizing each other’s affair with Hilary is now obvious, and would preferred it to have remained unknown.)  
They look shocked and then embarrassed. The first man links himself to the second man so they can help each other go down the long staircase.
The Republicans embarrassment at where they have allowed there candidate to go unchecked, and her embarrassment and past foibles, are linked together on many levels.
Chelsea and I look at each other and think this is shocking and hilarious.  Imagine!  Wow. 
This feels like an emotional release. If Chel-sea represents the ‘sea of emotions’ or if she represents “any port in a storm” then shock at the reality of what has unfolded, and humor at the absurdity of it all, will have to be two emotions integrated by the general populace for a healthy release from where we all now find ourselves, to occur. 
Imagine & Wow. Imagine from the Latin is to create a mental picture of, and from the French implies to sculpt, carve or embellish. I think the splintered ‘hive mind,’ whomever you vote for (and that in part is what the dreamer and Chelsea represent), have created a mental picture of the two parties, embellished by sound bites that can be shocking on the one hand and hilarious, if it wasn’t so important, on the other. Wow means enthusiastic approval, surprise, or success in some form. To me this word is a harbinger of something to come, because the dreamer wants us to “imagine wow.” And the dream, is promising more to come, so it asks the dreamer to pay attention.
Then a third person appears at the top of the stairs. It is Donald Trump.  He is also injured in his right leg.  REALLY?  Donald and Hillary?  He’s in pain too, and begins the descent, grunting and limping.  The other two men look back and the three of them realize what is going on and they all look sheepish. 
And here is the promise of more to come. Donald appears.
Three represents many things. This scenario has now happened 3xs. It could represent past, present, future; birth, life, death; beginning, middle, end. All these things apply to where we find ourselves as a nation in this election. However, three is also a magical number that can bring good fortune.
From the perspective of exposing the anger, polarization, and discontent of this nation, like exposing any shadow-side into the light of day (awareness), we have the potential and a choice to heal something deep and old in this nation.  This is what dreams offer to both the individual, and to the ‘hive mind.’ To bring what has been unconscious, ignored, and suppressed into consciousness.
It forms a triangle which often indicates easy flow coming; I believe we all need that. Upright it can be a symbol for the earth, and pointing downward, it symbolizes the element of water. Solidity and emotional flow—two things we are facing and need to bring together.  When something happens 3xs in a row in the dream, it is really directing us to pay very close attention. It makes the dream context specific and concretized. In this case Hilary needs to pay close attention to Donald Trump. He is limping without total support from his party.  But he too is injured, in his flawed personality. 
They all look sheepish. These men who may well represent the Republican Party, may be sheepish about how all this has unfolded and progressed to the point at which it currently stands. 
By this time Chelsea and I are laughing out loud.  “Go mom!” says Chelsea.
I could read this as you are rooting for Hilary; or that the sea of emotions will rise in Hilary’s favor; or perhaps that we will all have a good laugh after November 8th, although I doubt that last suggestion as things are currently too charged and will need calm heads to navigate the after-math.
Notice the focus is  still “on the men” who are coming down the stairs…..not necessarily Hilary, who is seemingly detached from their behaviors. It is you the dreamer & Chelsea who are aware of what is happening and what is being exposed, which is akin to the general public being witness to all this.
A fourth man appears, same injury.  We cannot believe it.  We are amazed and really laughing.  All four men are now linked to each other as they limp and grunt their way down.
Four gives me hope. Four represents stability, form & function. It is the symbol of totality and in initiations can represent the pieces that come together to create ‘all’. Think 4 directions, 4 seasons, 4 quadrants in astrology, 4 legs of a table or chairs-foundational stability. The number 4 is also the symbol for planet Earth, and this election will be very important for everyone globally, not just the US.
That said there is a caution. In the tarot 4 represents the Emperor and it is ruled by Aries. On the one hand the emperor is the all giving father or authority figure that offers stability, structure and new thriving energy as his input for the stability and growth of a situation, family, or kingdom. The energy can be both excited and exploratory, or in its infancy energy stage, due to it being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries—it can be demanding and aggressive, while imposing its will. There needs to be a balance to be the ‘good king’ and not the ‘angry despot.’
These are still the men coming down the stairs, so my suggestion is that this caution is applicable to what the Republican candidate and as such their party members, may represent.    
End of dream; I woke up laughing. 
To see all of this with a sense of humor is important. Life does present us with absurdities and moments of profound change when we need to grow and stretch and redefine. What will be, will be in the end and we will all have to accept it if we are to stay a democracy. Either way, what has been dislodged from the deep unconscious and under belly of the American public, like the gift of many dream scenarios, is now exposed and evident in the light of day, for our consideration and assessment.

Thank you dreamer for sharing. May we all vote and realize the honor of being in a country of democracy. God/Goddess bless the United States of America.