Four for Two

Well life during this past Mercury retrograde, (with 6 other planets is retrograde motion), certainly put a few road blocks in the way of getting my September blog post out. During part of that time I was also involved in a plant immersion with the Artemisia family and dear friend conducting the plant teachings-Davyd Farrell. I have never done more than 1 dream per blog, but 4 of the immersion participants because of a dream/plant podcast done by Davyd and I, sent in their dreams to be decoded. Hence the title four dreams for two months (September/October).

I want to always stress, the dreamer knows best as too whether anything I share in the decoding’s resonates, or not. The dreamer is the one to decide if anything I share helps them to go deeper into their own understanding of what their dream self is trying to impart.

I usually give a brief teaching before decoding, but given the amount of dreams I won’t do that this time. I am struck however, that if we are all dreaming in a collective soup, for those reading the dream interpretations to note a common thread within the 4 dreams. And further if the 4 people who were involved in the Artemisia immersion and summitted these dreams, can see how the dream lines might be speaking to each of them individually, but also reveals a theme for the group, given what the artemisia’s taught.

The dreams and their decoding:

Dream #1

I dreamt that I was travelling in space and selected our next-door neighbour for some healing. During the dream I felt strong heart energy and unconditional love and the feelings were directed at this person. Despite others bobbing up and trying to jump in front of me I remained focused on this person.

Dreaming of traveling in space suggests that you are expanding information or knowledge. Selecting your neighbor for healing is a compassionate act, but my question would be, “What is one word you would use to describe this person?” Folks in the dream represent who they are in your life, but they also represent an aspect of your self. Whatever word you would use to describe the neighbor, is something that you may need to address in yourself. This dream suggests you need to direct more unconditional love and heart centered energy to YOU, and not get distracted by all the other situations or people around you that pull on your attention.

I was able to ask this dreamer to tell me a bit more about her neighbor and any colors or feelings this short dream elicited. This was her response. In reviewing the dream she was able to link the trauma of her neighbor with the trauma of her father. Ironically the name Roger means warrior, so she was turning her love and compassion to not only her ‘warrior’ neighbor, but across time to her ‘warrior’ father. The color gray means assessing where one is not honoring themselves. That would possibly apply to Roger (the neighbor), her father, and ultimately to herself.

My neigbour one word ‘ traumatised’ . A few weeks ago I did some spiritual healing with a shamanic healer. In that session I apparently healed a whole lineage of connected people, including my father, who had experienced lifetimes of war and violence. I just remembered Roger, my next door neighbour, is a retired army nurse and psychologist. Not sure if that is the connection.

No colours apart from grey. Feelings I felt outpourings of heart energy and enormous love coming from my heart being directed at that person like an intense beacon.

Dream #2

I was harvesting leaves / stems from a plant and Davyd was guiding me (not there in person but his voice came through) and he told me that I have to remove specific parts of the plant when I had finished otherwise someone could come along and take these parts and do ‘dark magic’ on whoever had harvested from it. He actually used the word “voodoo”.

The fact that you are harvesting leaves and stems indicates that you still have some learning to do to expand your skill set. Davyd is your teacher, so in the dream this represents a part of yourself that would eventually like to strive to teach some of this information you are learning now with the plants.

When you are told that you have to “remove specific parts of the plants” because someone could do ‘dark magic’ on you (as the harvester), it is instructing you that everything is just energy, but it can be used for good or in more salacious ways. To me it suggests that you need to take care with the energy you use around plants, how you offer the knowledge of the plants the others, and what you actually do with the plants as energetic beings.

Voodoo is the word you say your teacher used. Voodoo in its most refined form is actually an ancient healing practice used for curing things like anxiety, depression, or loneliness. It is only in the use of the abhorrent energy that it becomes misused. I would ask you if there is any anxiety or depression in your world, as the plants can be a cure or at the very least a balm to your spirit. I have also included the next paragraph that you offered as an aside to your dream space, because I feel it offers more on the inner planes for you to consider for yourself.

I’m not sure of the type of plant (likely an Artemisia, who knows) but it was a shrub like plant around 5ft tall against a grey brick wall. I feel Davyd was talking about removing the growing parts of the plant to stop the dark magic although there were no flowers on it. I didn’t feel alarmed at all, but more supported in being taught something about this plant, magic and being mentored.

You were in the artemisia immersion, so this would be likely. Plants in general are about healthy, healing energies, but literally dreaming of shrubs symbolizes that there are hidden or buried emotions you are wanting to release. The #5 tells me two things, first you need to listen to yourself and trust yourself more. Secondly, that you need to stretch and bring what you know, into outer consciousness/discussions/sharing. A gray brick wall is indicative that you are not honoring yourself when you hide what you know or stop yourself from sharing what you know with others.

Davyd represents your inner teaching self. Removing parts of the plant are where you may repress your gifts, or possibly where you allow things in your world to get in your way from your personal expression/knowledge when sharing with others. Without removing the inner obstacles, you may place upon yourself, you cannot fully feel the joy & the light you truly are and/or wish to experience externally, as the plants had no flowers, which signifies no blossoming or joy. Feeling no anxiety and realizing you had mentoring and magic with this group, tells me that being supported (heard & seen) in groups such as this plant immersion, will open you to the wisdom, magic and gifts that are truly Yours to share.

Dream #3

I have been “Coasting” recently waiting for my encore career to unfold.  I have a background in holistic medicine/TCM and have grown tired of the perception people hold of being broken and needing to be fixed. I feel something will open up for me that is new in some way but I’m clueless as to what that will be.

As an aside dreamer, I am so with you on this one. I just gave up my integrative therapy practice because although it is true people need help and direction, it is also true that many people simply aren’t willing to do the self-work to perceive themselves in different ways. We are in new timelines and have the power to make choices and changes that can help redefine ourselves. As my website says, ‘If you wish to change your story, you must be willing to change your script’. And that goes for me too, LOL.

I dreamed that I had opened an office in a building that wasn’t currently leased to anyone. It was on land adjacent to where I was living, and I suddenly knew in my heart I needed to move into the space. I did not seek out the owner or agent, I just moved in.

This suggests that you already know what is and isn’t working moving forward in your work. The fact that the building wasn’t currently leased, suggests you can put a new and possibly unusual spin on your current skill set. And because the land, (which signifies support) is adjacent to where you are living, it could indicate that you need only make small tweaks to what you wish to offer/teach and ‘not throw the baby our with the bath water.

I moved in and had a group of people there for the first day. We were sitting at a round wooden table when I saw thru a side window (so specific in the dream-a long skinny window next to the front door. I excused myself and went out to greet her and tell her who I was and what I was doing.  Somehow, I knew she would be happy to have such a business in her space and accepted my presence.

I have no idea what the business was!

From day one, your reconfigured practice will be noticed and attract clients. A round wooden table suggests you would like more community as a foundational piece that expands camaraderie in your practice…like a healing arts center where there are other therapists who bring their skills into the space too.

Windows are doorways to the soul, so this is something your soul is longing to create/manifest, but you only have a slice of information as to how to create what you wish for at this time. But the window is long and skinny, this tells me you need to remove something from your practice and add something new that inspires you to revive things an go the distance now. That said you are opening the front door, which says you will welcome the new experience or addition. The owner represents one of your inner pantheon of guides, she knows how to take ownership so you can redirect how you wish to be perceived and how to change up your work a bit-I would call her in as an advisor and meditate with her, she may well surprise you with the direction she offers.  

She has blonde hair. On the Wisdom Wheels my First Nations teachers instructed me to learn for dream decoding, this is an aspect of yourself that needs to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of loving yourself and believing in yourself. I would look to injustices you may have experienced in younger years that denied or waived aside the wealth of info you carry. In greeting her you took the first step to learning what you need to do to be happier and accept you have the potential to create something exciting and different, while still using your skills. And you can, and you will, and it will be a reality you will experience with more joy because you have everything within you to manifest the changes you wish for, given what actions you allow yourself to take.
It is true you do not know as yet what the business you will recreate will be, but you will if you continue to dream it into form. 😊

Dream #4

I was at a gas station at night, waiting. My brother and mother were there. Fluorescent lights flickered.

As I suggested to another dreamer further up, what is one word you would use to describe both your brother and your mother? They will tell you something about yourself. The lights flickered, because the dream guides were trying to get your attention. This could well be a trust issue you have with your family. The gas station suggests you need to find a way to have more energy or feel more fulfilled, and it being night could suggest you don’t feel everything around you is as clear as you would like it to be.

Then I was at a table, and my mother-in-law had to leave early so it was just my brother and I at the table. It was a white house and a white table. Conversation came up that I was adopted. My mom had given me up after birth and I was mad about it. 

My question would be are you adopted in your waking life? The table is about needing a firmer foundation in your family, And your mother-in-law leaving suggests there is a way she sees you or possibly you misunderstand her, that needs to be reconciled. If you were actually adopted, are you still needing to look at what that brings up in you? And if you are actually not adopted, what is it about your family situation where you may need to establish stronger boundaries?

White indicates boundaries on the Wisdom Wheels, not unmovable walls, but magnetizing to yourself the people, places or things you need to grow and releasing the people, places and things that no longer add to your growth. This can feel either liberating or painful depending on how clear you are of what you need to establish to feel “at home” within either yourself or your family, as symbolized by both the white house and the white table.

Then my mother appeared and announced that she had adopted two black teenagers and sent them to school on the bus in a small white town. I was worried for their experience. 

Then my ex-girlfriend, who is also black, was there and I had a vivid image of buttering sliced toast and putting four slices into a small white oven. 

There is a lot of white in your dream. Clearly there are boundaries that you have not or cannot establish for your own self autonomy given some family situation. Also white is no color and black contains all colors, what does that bring up for you? On the Wisdom Wheels, black and white fall opposite each other, this means you must listen to your inner self to know your truth and then be willing to extend that knowing to others without fear of rejection.

Now mom is back and has adopted two black teenagers. Adopted means not feeling part of something organically, two represents not assessing how to honor yourself, black means you are not listening to what it will take to claim your needs, and teenagers means you still need to grow into learning how to do what needs to be done. The school signifies needing to learn and the bus signifies the forward movement to establish that learning. And again, white, this time a white town, so this could be something you learn about yourself through community.

Your ex-girlfriend (what one word would you use for her and apply that to yourself). She was black-again the need to listen to what your inner self wants to consciously bring forward. Buttering toast is trying to soften something that has gotten hardened, to make it more palatable. Four slices suggest there are four ways available to build a stronger foundation and the need to self motivate the changes you wish to experience. And a small white oven suggests needing to feel loved. So, boundaries are imperative to ‘cook up’ how you wish to enlighten yourself (going back to the flickering lights that were trying to get your attention at the onset of the dream) while needing to be part of something to feel love authentically in your world.

Thank you to all the dreamers for their contributions.