Alarms and Wake Up Calls!

I chose this dream this month because it is both short and in it’s symbology and content it is consistently trying to get the same information across to the reader in a multitude of different ways. Sometimes our unconscious wants to make it so clear that it uses repeated cues to get across to our waking self the same point.

My daughter was with me at work. Not where I work now. It was a library on the ground level with glass walls lining the parking lot.

The daughter in the dream represents both the dreamer’s daughter, and the younger aspect of the dreamer’s Self when she was about this same age. They are together trying to “work something out” that is not current, but from the past. She is still on the ground floor of dealing with this issue.

They are in a library. there is lots of information in a library, and lots of ways “to read things.” Libraries represent knowledge and wisdom that you have gained, or need to research further, for information to feel successfully figured out, or perhaps known to you.

Walls indicated you feel limited about something, or there is a perceived obstacle in your path. Glass walls give you the clarity to see very clearly what that might involve. It is a parking lot, suggesting that you stopped moving forward at some point (parked car). Cars also mirror the physical body, so possibly you feel that when you were close to your daughters age something stunted you emotionally, or physically, and you are trying to disengage or undo what you learned, as it no longer serves your higher wisdom.

I forgot my purse and did not have my keys to get her home.

You don’t know where to find keys “to get her home.”  Loosing keys in dreams is a fear of loosing control, not being responsible, or fearing a secret of the past might come out. In dreams to carry a purse, is to carry your clutter or your secrets. To loose or misplace your purse suggests that you feel like you have lost power or your self-identity.

So, I opened the door to the book depository and climbed through thinking “I will be quick.”

You take the risk to look for an out, but you cannot deal with these emotions quickly; and it will be impossible to leave the facts (represented by the books/library) behind. It will take your full attention to find where the impact from those years still affects your emotions or behavior.

But no, I heard sirens. The next thing I knew there were 5 police cars driving by before I could get my purse. I tried to explain that I worked there and needed my keys to get my daughter home. My alarm goes off

Sirens and alarms are wake up calls. Your super conscious self is asking you to pay attention to this dream. It can lead you to understand parts of yourself, your emotions, your impulses, and where you may have given your power away, or perhaps had it taken away.

5 on the Wisdom Wheels is about listening to yourself, which like the library can supply you with alot of information. Police in a dream is a forewarning not to participate in unacceptable behavior or side-step the rules. A police car therefore suggests strong motivation to take a spiritual direction where you can listen to yourself, and undo something that was not morally right from the past, by listening to the Higher Self to find your truth and live your truth.

I a sense you are asking for help by telling them you can’t find your keys and admitting that something from your past needs to be resolved to feel completely ‘at home’ within yourself. And then your morning alarm goes off to bring it all into the waking state for you to remember and work on as you see fit.

Taking your daughter home, is taking yourself home.