A Fox Healing

Sometimes when we have dreams, there is a physical manifestation, or synchronicity that occurs in our waking life that corresponds to, or answers some aspect of the dream. Gram Twylah always instructed me to watch what happened in my waking world after a dream, to see if “the Mystery” would provide more information or details towards revealing the dreams meaning.

Gram shared that the ancestors believed, “That Great Mystery offered the gift of the dreamtime to every creation, as a gift of peace.” It was believed that the dreamtime was a “beginning that never ended,” and although there were many ways to look at a dream, [spiritually, psychologically, physically, emotionally, dimensionally, etc.], the dream gift throughout most indigenous cultural teachings is to witness one’s self through different aspects of consciousness, to advance consciousness.

The following dream was submitted by a client, who I assisted in dealing with some of her recent issues around a betrayal and break up with her partner of many years. I thought this dream was a very direct indicator of the work she has done to heal and recognize her worth.

I am in a big blue convertible, sort of an old fashion 50’s type of car. There is a dark-haired man sitting next to me. He puts his hand on my chest and says, “The hurt and pain caused a hole here, and it must be healed.” Then he looks pleased and says, “No, you appear to have fixed it, but there’s still a small healing that needs to take place right here.” He touches my heart again. I am clear he is touching my heart and not my breasts, there is nothing sexual in his gesture. He starts ‘pulling’ with his breathe, and I can feel something leaving my body, and immediately wake up.

Later driving to work, in waking time, I see a dead brown fox on the side of the road, and it triggers the dream sensation.


I am in a big blue convertible, sort of an old fashion 50’s type of car.  Cars in dreams can symbolize the body or how you are moving forward in life. The 50’stype car suggests time spent (possibly in her relationship). Blue on the Cycles of Truth wisdom wheels represents the place where we need to trust our intuition, and encourage or teach others to use theirs. Almost like the concept of ayni, or reciprocity in the Andean Mystical Tradition.

It also implies the difference one needs to learn between service and servitude. We often get confused, especially in relationships, in thinking we are doing something in service for another’s wellbeing—like trying to love them so they’ll love us, fix it for them, or control their happiness for the sake of our own happiness. We don’t realize this is a form of enabling at best, control at it’s worst because of a fear we hold inside our self. We are infact incurring more karma that we will need to release down the road, or with this person in future lifetimes. True service is holding the space so another can find their ‘wholeness,” and supporting them without expectation, without doing it for them, or without being taken down by their needs in lieu of your own.

That she is driving the car symbolizes she can navigate life for herself freely now. That the car is a convertible, implies that she is open to moving forward and not letting anything stand in the way of enjoying life again.

There is a dark-haired man sitting next to me. He puts his hand on my chest and says, “The hurt and pain caused a hole here, and it must be healed.”

It is true this woman experienced a deep heart wound through betrayal from a partner, but her stability and renewed happiness can only come when she first forgives herself for having to learn that lesson, and then her partner for being the “actor on her stage.” It is less important how he learns the lesson, though that would be a benefit, and more important that she comes back into balance in her heart. 

I see the dark-haired man as being a guide, a higher or more conscious part of herself. And that he is ‘male’ in her dream, signifies that she can trust in the opposite sex again.

Then he looks pleased and says, “No, you appear to have fixed it, but there’s still a small healing that needs to take place right here.” He touches my heart again. I am clear he is touching my heart and not my breasts, there is nothing sexual in his gesture.

This guide, or divine male aspect of herself, is telling her very clearly that she has done the work she needed to do to heal herself. She has changed her story from one of victim, to being more conscious of what she needs to do to re-empower herself as she moves forward with the next heart connection she chooses for herself. She is also clear that she is not being taken advantage of, “there is nothing sexual in his gesture.” She is clear on this even in the dream, not from a charged place of sexuality, but from a clear place of the healing she has accomplished.

As a side note: This reminded me of something that used to occur with balanced, indigenous teachers of integrity on the reservation, or in workshops. When you would ask for a teaching, you would swear they were looking at your breasts. As a woman this initially offended me. When I spoke about it with Gram, she laughed and said, “They are looking at your heart, and the energy you hold there, to make sure your request is of good intention.” Perceptions and projections, we loose alot when we look through fearful lenses.

He starts ‘pulling’ with his breathe, and I can feel something leaving my body, and immediately wake up.

Many traditions have exercises to heal with the breath. Breathing deeply and rhythmically can be a great catalyst for bringing awareness and resonance to the physical. Things manifest in the etheric well before they come into form, and the breath is the connection to our life source energy, chi, prana, etc. and these exercises can release the block in the physical that has manifested. As life source energy, when we nolonger have breath, we nolonger have life. 

Breathing exercise have been proven to reduce stress, re-center one’s self, influence mental clarity, and can promote deep healing. Stanislav Groff’s method of Holotropic Breathwork is an amazing approach, practiced in many arenas, for self-exploration, healing, and discovering personal insights. In shamanic traditions, the breath is often used to suck discordant energies, illness, or entities from the light-body which in turn has a positive effect on the physical body.

Later driving to work, in waking time, I see a dead brown fox on the side of the road, and it triggers the dream release sensation.

According to the traditional teachings Gram Twy’s shared, brown on the Wisdom Wheel was learning how to “know your truth.” It meant organizing your thoughts and actions in a way that brought you closer to building a firmer foundation in which to grow the Self. It required flexibility and the willingness to keep on learning, even when we thought we had it right.

Fox represented a ‘four legged’ that was cunning and sly in his approach. They are seen as ingenuous, enterprising, and playful. Some tribes saw fox as representing a rival, or enemy; someone who was cunning and had penetrated the family or community.

If this were my dream, I would take the visual encounter of the dead fox as showing me that the person who represented the energy of deceit as my ex-partner, had no more hold over me. The truth was known, the discordant energy nolonger was part of what controlled my life, and I had learned (through the representation of the brown color) my own truth in the interplay of the relationship. I would now be ready to organize the future a different future with a partner if I wanted.



Alarms and Wake Up Calls!

I chose this dream this month because it is both short and in it’s symbology and content it is consistently trying to get the same information across to the reader in a multitude of different ways. Sometimes our unconscious wants to make it so clear that it uses repeated cues to get across to our waking self the same point.

My daughter was with me at work. Not where I work now. It was a library on the ground level with glass walls lining the parking lot.

The daughter in the dream represents both the dreamer’s daughter, and the younger aspect of the dreamer’s Self when she was about this same age. They are together trying to “work something out” that is not current, but from the past. She is still on the ground floor of dealing with this issue.

They are in a library. there is lots of information in a library, and lots of ways “to read things.” Libraries represent knowledge and wisdom that you have gained, or need to research further, for information to feel successfully figured out, or perhaps known to you.

Walls indicated you feel limited about something, or there is a perceived obstacle in your path. Glass walls give you the clarity to see very clearly what that might involve. It is a parking lot, suggesting that you stopped moving forward at some point (parked car). Cars also mirror the physical body, so possibly you feel that when you were close to your daughters age something stunted you emotionally, or physically, and you are trying to disengage or undo what you learned, as it no longer serves your higher wisdom.

I forgot my purse and did not have my keys to get her home.

You don’t know where to find keys “to get her home.”  Loosing keys in dreams is a fear of loosing control, not being responsible, or fearing a secret of the past might come out. In dreams to carry a purse, is to carry your clutter or your secrets. To loose or misplace your purse suggests that you feel like you have lost power or your self-identity.

So, I opened the door to the book depository and climbed through thinking “I will be quick.”

You take the risk to look for an out, but you cannot deal with these emotions quickly; and it will be impossible to leave the facts (represented by the books/library) behind. It will take your full attention to find where the impact from those years still affects your emotions or behavior.

But no, I heard sirens. The next thing I knew there were 5 police cars driving by before I could get my purse. I tried to explain that I worked there and needed my keys to get my daughter home. My alarm goes off

Sirens and alarms are wake up calls. Your super conscious self is asking you to pay attention to this dream. It can lead you to understand parts of yourself, your emotions, your impulses, and where you may have given your power away, or perhaps had it taken away.

5 on the Wisdom Wheels is about listening to yourself, which like the library can supply you with alot of information. Police in a dream is a forewarning not to participate in unacceptable behavior or side-step the rules. A police car therefore suggests strong motivation to take a spiritual direction where you can listen to yourself, and undo something that was not morally right from the past, by listening to the Higher Self to find your truth and live your truth.

I a sense you are asking for help by telling them you can’t find your keys and admitting that something from your past needs to be resolved to feel completely ‘at home’ within yourself. And then your morning alarm goes off to bring it all into the waking state for you to remember and work on as you see fit.

Taking your daughter home, is taking yourself home.

Does Reality Mimic the Dream, or does the Dream Mimic Reality?

When dealing with dreams it is important to remember a few things. For all of us, the dreamer is the one who has created the dream symbology, and so it is an important clue to them, both in context and how it is framed within the dream. Why are you dreaming of these particular symbols? And what do they have to do with what your life has, or is experiencing? What is your dream body trying to impart to you? It is also imperative that one looks beyond the dream, as it is not always about the specific dream symbols, those are simply ‘bread crumbs’ to a deeper inner knowing that is trying to come to light.

Last night, I dreamed that the barn I grew up in was burning to the ground. 

Barns are associated with real life settings. They are where you store things, work, build things, possibly cultivate things, and clean up the muck. Burning and fire can imply many things in dreams. It can mean passion, or the need for it. It can mean something all-consuming in your life. It can mean something within you needs that needs to be recognized to be completely transformed. In relation to the barn, it can mean the hard work you are doing needs a new outlet. It can also mean there is emotional conflict or unresolved anger at what the barn represents to you personally.

There was an old section and new section to the barn (kind of in an L shape).  I was running around telling people to get out and was trying to get a hold of the fire department. 

There is an old way of feeling, and new way of being with your past and/or your work. L shape means at right angles, there is a significant change now in either your work or how you feel about a family situation. You are running trying to get people to leave and call the fire department. The fire department symbolizes the part of yourself that can “answer the call,” and take care of what needs to be done.

This is trying to find balance between being in control, and finding the assistance you need with the changes you wish to move past or perhaps away from in terms of family or origin definitions of yourself.

When I picked up the phone to call for help (it was a party line like what we had at our house).  My former boss from international banking was on the line asking me how my mother was doing.  He seemed unconcerned that the barn was burning to the ground and I needed help.  (He also never knew or met my mom in real life – she, my dad and Becky have all passed away).

The phone is a party line. It seems there are lots of aspects of your inner self who have something to say, or watching how you are going to act/react. Be that the accuser or the wounded self or the caring action giver, they are the multiple aspects of your ‘inner family’ listening and ready to weigh in. This segment indicates a combination of home and work situations that might have mimicked each other.

There seems to be a point where neither your family, nor your work colleagues were concerned about your needs….or at least you feel that from your own perspective. If all your family members have passed away, then it is trying to figure out your personal resolve with all of that. When all our family members are gone, and there is still residual feelings that need to be addressed, it can feel daunting because you can’t address it with them personally. You can however, speak your needs, concerns, anger and desires to them, and ask for their assistance as you rebuild your world. Or act is out with surrogate people you trust. Similar to Family Constellation Therapy.

The name Becky means beautiful, intelligent and loving. Do you feel those things towards yourself, or do you look for them outside the self as a measure of, and reassurance fro who you are? And mom and dad represent our caretakers. So the questions arises, “How do you take care of yourself and find those beliefs within yourself, moving forward that support and nurture your needs?”

Your boss was from the international banking system. Banks represent a place where things are stored, accumulated and portioned out. It is a system, which means you have created a system as the ‘boss of yourself’ where maybe you still harbor and need to change all the things both the barn and the fire represent to you personally…..and how you store, accumulate and portion that out to yourself.

Fast forward to the barn and my sister.  I have been praying that she come and visit me in a dream because everyone who has seen her in the dream said that she was radiant and beautiful and very happy in heaven. 

Everything  that her name represents, and everything she defiantly wants you to see in yourself, she sends your way with her glare. I believe she did come to visit you, to show you places within your self where you need to heal. Where you need to see the radiance and beauty and ‘heaven’ within your waking world.

She was sitting in the L shape of the barn drinking coffee with a cousin of mine.  They were unwilling to listen and were not going to move from where they were.  They were scoffing at me as I told the others that the barn was not finished burning.  Burning embers surrounded them. The energy felt like how it was when I was home.  Both Becky and cousin were ignoring me, as they continued to sip their coffee and look on with what felt like defiance. 

She is in the L shape….the place of turning a corner for something new or uplifting to occur. She has ‘turned a corner’ and passed into something larger than what she was here, even it was just her level pain. She and the cousin are reflecting where you might not be listening to yourself. Everything in the dream becomes a mirror for our own change. 

Drinking coffee represents that you need to have more information before you make some pending decision, and relax into yourself to come to the right answer.

Burning embers surround them, representing something within yourself that is beginning to emotional die down, so you can gain more composure or control over the way you wish for your life to truly be as you move forward in both thoughts and actions.

In real life, there was a group text where the cousins had plenty to say about what was happening with and to Becky, but no one cared to show up and lend a hand (while I was there).  Becky also seemed defiant or like she wasn’t listening to what I had to say.   Which is one reason I left feeling so guilty after her death.  Instead of just sitting there with her having coffee, I was scrambling to get things done.

It sounds like you need to forgive yourself for taking care of business for Becky, because she couldn’t. It’s that personal balance again between work and family which was likewise reflected in the second paragraph above. She needed things resolved and tied up before her death. That was something that although you feel you did it alone, without the help of other family members, you accomplished. You should be kinder to yourself with how you helped her bring to conclusion the loose ends in her life.

The other way to look at this is that you used work to deny your sadness and anger at her death. That is neither a criticism nor a judgment. It is a way that some of us all side step the deep emotions that arise in losing a family member. Some people are better at sitting and consoling, and others are better at working to make things secure. Both are important to aid the one crossing. You did your job, as there was no one else there who could.

So, I understand that the old and new parts of the barn are old and new parts of my life.  International Banking are from days gone by.  Even the new part of the barn (to me feels outdated).  Not sure how to tie all of the pieces together especially seeing my sister, Becky (for the first time since her death) and she was not radiant and did not seem real happy to see me or want to hear about the barn burning to the ground.

If you were looking at yourself in that scenario and not Becky….what would you have to say to you? Everything in the dream is what it is, and a reflection of something within ourselves.

Are you happy? Do you radiate? What do you wish others to help you with, or see within you for? What is outdated in your thought process of yourself? What is outdated in any residual feelings you hold against your outer family, as well as your “inner family.” These are all good questions to ponder.

BTW, in real life, the barn DID burn to the ground (after my dad died and we sold it).  The farm is located up the road from Becky’s house.  She lived in my grandparent’s original house which will now be put up for sale.

The barn was sold and now Becky’s house is being sold. Selling means moving away or moving on. And there is a road that leads from one to the other. If you consider what a house/home means in life, it is a place to feel safe, to live our life, to gather family, to ‘decorate’ how we choose to live; a place where we can relax and welcome those we care for. Selling the barn unburdens you from what ‘you have stored.’ Selling a house is a release from what burdens you from the past around family life that didn’t always meet your expectations or desires. If this were my dream, I would say there is a road that can take you to a new and happier place within yourself; a place of liberation. 






Dreaming within the Dream

In my dream, I am dreaming.

Gram often called these types of dreams, cross-over dreams. They are dreams that take us into multi or interdimensional places. When we become aware of a dream within in a dream, there is a piece of lucidity to the fabric of the dream. But unlike a lucid dream we do not have control over the dream’s essence.

Gram suggested that when we are taken into these deeper realms, we get to experience the multiple aspects of the greater Self that is occupying different, but equally ‘real’ dimensions of life and learning. These dreams can bring us into current, or ancient situations because time is not linear, it is circular.

As I am dreaming in the dream I feel the weight and sadness of the hard things happening in our world right now. Layers upon layers of sadness in the dream within the dream–these layers are things I am aware of (dapl, trump, the hurt of the Earth, colonization, fear in people, etc.) and also more ancient things that I have no words for.

To me, you have tapped into the deep pain and confusion of where so many find themselves in these times. This is an accumulation of energy that circulates in and around humanity and the Earth at this point. It is not aimed at any one thing, or person, but is the culmination of a world in chaos and a need for balance. Energy is malleable, it can be restructured.

By all religious, cultural, and ethnic historical accounts, it has been eons of work to grow in consciousness and learn to be accountable for the energy we put out. What we put out energetically is what we manifest, and when that is being done exponentially by masses of people, it gathers form. It is evident even by the most elementary standards, that humanity should have it more together at this point, than the cycles we keep repeating.

In the dreamstate we are closer to the essence of Soul, which is one’s essential divine nature plus the experiences we have learned across lifetimes, or perhaps in concurrent lifetimes?  I suggest you were tapping into the energy of global conscious thought, often more palpable in the dreamtime or meditative states, as well as one within yourself that weighs on you.

In the dream I am feeling depression and despair–I see nothing just feel all of this. When in my dream, a crystal is given to me. It is tangible and real, bright true orange and it is beautiful. Clear. It fits in my hand.

The weight of energy, when it is not of a higher or finer vibration feels dense. Despair, hurt, hate, sadness, betrayal, and all those concerns you mentioned above, are vibrating at a lower frequency. In a more refined or healthier state of vibration, you would not feel this as despair. That essence, or feeling, is a combination of what is within your field, and what is in the bio-field around us all.

The crystal is a reminder to be clear seeing, and to know that your destiny, whatever that is to be, is in your hands. The energy of chaos may affect you (as we are all interlinked in the web of life), but it cannot rule you, if you move beyond your despair by doing what it takes to maintain a higher vibration of your Self, personal equilibrium.

Orange on the Medicine Wheel, according to Gram Twylah, was about learning and doing through having both the drive and the aspiration to learn the truth. In her teachings, truth was never concretized as The Truth. Truth always was about new considerations because everything is in a constant state of change. Truth is different than moral awareness.

Bright orange crystals bring in the frequency of joy, merriment, overcoming sorrow, despair, grief and bringing people together. What we focus on, we will experience. Your higher self, your dream body, wants you to find the joy you are capable of feeling, within the information related to you in this dream.

There are 3 points I can see, but feels like there may be one in can’t see in my palm.

3 stands for Past, Present, Future; the triple God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) or Goddess (muse, creatrix, wisdom); along with actions that lead us to awareness, growth, and transformation….but they all need a 4th thing, hidden from our view. That hidden 4th element is our faith. Faith cannot be seen, and is not something you can prove. You don’t gain faith as one of my teachers, the late Maya Perez told me, “You either have it or you don’t.” You have to have faith, even if you cannot currently see a better world around you.

So this begs the question: Do you have faith in yourself; in what you are being asked to do, both in this dream, and in your outer world? Given the crystal you were handed, faith could denote having the confidence and trust to bring people together, in small joyous ways, while learning to raise your personal vibration beyond the despair you see.

As I am waking from my dream, into the dream, I am in awe that a crystal has manifested in this way. A voice in the dream says, “This crystal is to bring joy and hope back when all feels lost. When you are overwhelmed. It will bring the people together.” With that I wake up and I am holding the crystal.

Awakening into the next dream is bringing you into another level of awareness through the continuation of the dream story. And, this is exactly what the vibration of orange crystals are used for. I would also suggest your dreaming self was instructing you to get an orange crystal that appeals to you, to help you maintain your balance as things swirl around you.

My indigenous grandmothers, despite their Native persuasion, always suggested, that you must first have the dream before it can manifest in your outer world.

And then my dream switches to the council. So many people. In circle. Lots of ages and races of this world and time but also other realms. It feels like a gathering of people that have come together to make plans for what to do in this new year.

I see this part of the dream as a gathering of souls, both in-body and throughout time. Souls from other frequencies are currently working with humanity. The ancients, and others we don’t even know about who were here before us, and those who have never incarnated, are all working together, as they have been doing for millennium. They share a common goal–to help direct humanity as we grow consciously in the understanding that light and love exist within every single one of us.

The ‘new year’, is only a metaphor for the continuation of what has been formulating across time and space and breath, since the beginning….and yet again.

The How we can save our Earth and heal.

The Earth will heal Herself, it is humanity that will either need to elevate in consciousness or become extinct. We have a choice, we have always had a choice. But as we are coming to the close of a 26,000 year cycle of evolution and encoding, called the precession of the equinoxes, what we consider ‘the time to awakening’ in this particular cycle, is fast approaching.   

As I become aware of the council I sense that I have been allowed to join it mid-session and that they have been there a long time. 

I don’t think this means you are a young soul. I think this means that in this life you are taking your place in ‘that circle,’, but all souls, at any time in their process of awareness, can join the circle. This might also mean you are at the mid-way point of your Earthwalk, or perhaps if all our lives are happening concurrently, that you have just awakened, on yet another level of attunement, to your place in this cosmic circle.  

There has been intense conversation. People have been arguing and are tired.

Yes, I can imagine that those souls working damage control for eons are tired. Humanity should be far more advanced by now, but we keep repeating the cycles of the dark forces, stimulated by abuse and greed, perceived lack and fear of our own dense realities, instead of moving beyond into the grace we are constantly offered.

I am new and feel shy so I turn to an older white man next to me a tell him I have this crystal and that maybe it could be used to help because it feels like exactly the type of moment my dream had told me about. He scoffs a bit at my suggestion and brushes me off.

No offense to the term older ‘white men’, because there are many great and compassionate ones, many advanced and conscientious ones, and it is significant that we do not always incarnate into the same gender or race, so at some point we have all experienced that vibration. However, it is clear at this time in history, that it is the mentality of the old paradigm, the symbology of ‘white man’ that has done so much damage to the Earth, and who scoff at those positing another position or perspective.

I had been talking quietly, so as to not draw attention to myself nor to speak to the whole group, but an old woman across the circle stands and addresses me and the whole group. Despite my quietness she has heard everything.

The Ancients and the wise ones hear everything, those helping who are not in body don’t need voice. Sound is a vibration, and vibrations ripples through the Universe. The Old Ones hold the vibration of love, which is measure or vibration of light, sound, and mathematics. The Universe vibrates in mathematics as measure, not as calculation. The Old Ones know because they inhabit the vibrations of light, sound and measure.

She is very old and short, a native woman. 

I think this comes to you as an old Native Woman because of your training, since you were little. It can also be seen as a representation of the Earth Keepers, the Ancients, the indigenous and/or those others who have much to teach, and have taught much through the ages. Still many do not listen.

She feels to me like she is from southern nations but I don’t know what that means exactly. I can tell from how people listen that she has been in council a long, long time and her words carries big weight. She says clearly to the man and me and everyone present that the crystal is indeed what I say it is. She names it. Saying it is a “squash crystal.” Or “squash stone.” That it is used to bring joy and hope back when times are dark and people feel that it is hard to go on. She says it calls the people together.

So once again the dream explains the use of the orange frequency, coming together, finding joy, and maintaining center. Squash is one of the 3 sisters, as you know, and squash blossom necklaces for native Peoples symbolized big power. The power isn’t in the ‘thing’ it is in the clarity of knowing joy is a vibration that needs to constantly find resonance within the human form, despite the despair and pain. That’s how we stand in our power.

She addresses all of you in the circle, because we all exist in that circle, that Web of Life, that Sacred Space, that Medicine Wheel. It feels like this is the ancient Earth Mother Herself, speaking to Her children.

She says it calls the people together. I look and she is holding it and then I look and I have it back in my hand and that is when I wake up. 

Mother Earth, our wise being-ness, that Conscious Self, is in each of us, it is in you…which is why the crystal is first in Her hand, and then back in yours. There is an infinite connection.

The simplicity of finding your spiritual center, and the difficulty of holding it, are one and the same-Faith. Jesus, was tested before he became the Christ; Siddhārtha Gautama struggled before he became the Buddha; Muhammad was persecuted before he became the Trustworthy. There have been many other women and men in all cultures and faiths across the ages that searched for balance, and all make up that circle we all sit in, each trying to awaken to joy beyond the human pain.  

All we can do, is our best and our best is all we have to offer each other. Consciousness and spiritual work is nothing if it is not implemented. There is no spiritual superiority in that statement, because that superior mindset likewise leads to a process of separation. Like the Old One said, “It is time to call the people back together.”

Thank you for sharing this powerful dream at this time.




A New Year to Learn More

Happy Solstice Blessings Dreamers. Solstice, where the darkest day turns back toward the light and the hours of sunshine begin to grow longer. Dreams are somewhat like this….a time to experience where the dark of our unconscious takes us, and bring those messages back upon waking into the light of a new day, with the purpose to en-lighten, reflect, and renew as our nocturnal messages continue to grow and become clearer.

I chose this dream for December’s decoding for two reasons. First, I greatly admired the man in the dream that this dreamer is speaking about, John Mack. He was a Harvard Professor, Psychiatrist, Pulitzer Price winner and directed a program called PEER, that spoke to anomalous and UFO experience research. He and his colleague helped make life make much more sense back in our work together in the mid-late 90’s. The second reason, is that through this particular dreamer’s passion and interest in the field of her own research around this topic (which dovetails with that of Dr. Mack), she has possibly made a connection to the inter-dimensional realms provided through the dreamtime experience, to touch something of a connection with the ‘spirit of John’ and a new opportunity for herself.

As Steve Richards shares in his dream and healing research, the Aboriginal “lore men,” knew that the dreamtime could access the internal dimensional world of all living things, through holographic kinetics. This offers an understanding of the internal to external and conversely the external to internal world of everything that exists in the world of living energy, including the spirit realms and as far back as creation. Although Steve’s process is used for healing work, what it holds in common with the dream below is not only that, “man can be understood as a multidimensional being in a multidimensional world,” but that under Universal Law “like attracts like,” be that emotions that need to be resolved, or in the case of this dreamer, desires that she would loved to have been experienced, or the possibility of being taken in a new direction of her own study. 

The Dream:

I think I had the dream around Dec. 1st, but life was so busy I just got around to writing it down today. I did tell xxxx about it that morning in detail, and I’ve thought a lot about it since I had it.

In the dream, xxxx and I were moving into a beautiful old University-Professor-like home that turned out to be John Mack’s house (!)

Dreams about houses oft times indicate something about ‘where we live within our self.’ In this case the dreamer, who is a researcher and a ‘professor’ of sorts around the same topic that John was a lecturer on, aligns her expertise to his.  She might also be doing more research on the topic, as this is a ‘university’ home, implying a place of learning.

There were a lot of people milling about and helping us, – a big gathering – and I didn’t really know how it had happened, but was very pleasantly surprised and kind of amazed. It was a gorgeous home and when I wondered how this happened I learned that xxxx and I had a one year lease.

The environment or emotion you put yourself in suggests a clear association to something in your waking world. In this case the dreamer has the help of alot of people to help her gather her thoughts, new information, and further research on a topic she holds dear. She has a one year lease. This would suggest to me, that she has about a year to research, or experience, with the assistance of a larger group–to possibly resolve something for herself, perhaps write another book on the subject, maybe to gather new information that she will use down the line. This one year lease tells me she is on a time frame.

It was very beautiful and elegantly finished. Maybe kind of a 2-story, Tudor style. Dark slate and wooden floors, leaded-glass windows, dark woodwork. (I have no idea what kind of house John lived in.)

She has commented in the past three sentences as to the beauty of this place; my sense is she likes the overall topic and where she finds herself in it. There is an elegance to both the topic and how she frames it, but a need for caution too. The 2-story Tudor style house and its parts, tells me that. [Tudor style houses followed Victorian gothic style houses]. The style was less ornate, more comfortable, and made of solid masonry and elaborately decorated stone. Implying the foundation of her study and beliefs is sturdy. However the lead glass windows suggests that there is a problem or heaviness with clear seeing, potentially blocking her strong insights or deeper possibilities/conclusions surrounding the research.

The number 2 on the Wisdom Wheels that Gram Twylah shared with me, is a placement of assessing the truth. I know that to be true about this dreamer, as well as the need to apply it to this topic. The dark slate and wooden floors gives an example on how solid she is in the foundational work on the UFO topic. Seeing slate in one’s dream can mean potential, solid information and knowledge; however dark wood or dark wood paneling suggests out worn ideas, or being stuck in time frame around a concept.

This could suggest that the research in this ‘university’ home will push the dreamer into some new ideas around the subject. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know the type of home John lived in, this is about her and not at all about him being the focus, he merely implies a camaraderie with the topic. 

The basement was mostly unfinished, fairly empty with a few construction materials around and sheet-rocked walls. However, it also had a walled off and beautifully finished guest room with big windows – daylight basement open to the back because it was built on a slope.

The basement is about going deeper into our subconscious and our unconscious or even the unknown. It’s unfinished because her thoughts and research on this topic are not finished yet, there’s more to know. There are sheet rock walls, sheet rock implying that something is not solid or finished, and walls implying there might be an old way of thinking that needs to be flushed out and changed for a different or broader perspective.

There is a beautifully finished guest room that is walled off with big windows. I interpret this as the dreamer has concretized something that will soon change. It is  a safe and  beautiful place for her to go within, but the light from the big windows (windows are doorways to the soul) inform her that something uniquely new in her thinking, or perhaps a new way of perceiving the topic will emerge.  

Down from the house were a couple of outbuildings. I was shown inside one of them that was for disturbed children, boys I think. It had some blocks and toys, was kind of messy and had orange walls.

Knowing this topic as intimately as I do, I know that there are satellite or fringe groups that take this topic to the extreme; that’s what the disturbed boys represent. In each of us, our divine masculine (lower case d and m), reflects logic, discipline and focus. But here it is messy. Orange on the Wheels indicates learning, focusing, and concentration. The color of the walls is a reminder for the dreamer to apply all these mental skills to the research, and not be lured to believe everything others say about this topic.

The fact that they are disturbed suggests that there are those commenting on this research that are playing with facts (toys) and need to establish a firmer foundation (building blocks), as to what they are suggesting or sharing. The dreamer is shown this to help her discern those possibilities, or aspects in her research, and to assess for herself what she continues to learn surrounding this topic.

I walked by another building on the way back up to the house that seemed to be associated like with the one I’d been in, but didn’t go in it. Needed to get back to the main house.

This shows she has come across these situations, be they ungrounded people within the topic, unfounded explanations of the topic, or unrealistic explanations beyond this topic. She is not distracted by them as she doesn’t go into another outbuilding that holds similar warnings. Her main goal is to get back to the ‘main house’, her understanding and her own solid foundational research.

Seems like there is a kind of party going on.

A party suggests new discoveries and/or people that can be met in social situations. It is a sign of exploring emotions, inviting in new situations, and enjoying oneself in the process.

Happy Holidays to all you dreamers, no matter how you choose to celebrate. Blessings  to you & yours as we enter 2017. Till next month….dream on!!!

Shamanic Awareness Demand Personal Boundaries

This young woman dreamer shared that she had this dream just before starting her training in the Andean Mystical Tradition. She felt that was an important thing to note when conveying the dream. I also got to ask her questions directly, which I am not able to do for every dream blog posting, so that offered more information. It is not unusual for people to reference more things in the retelling of their dreams, when discussed or questioned.
I’m in a room and notice a particular person observing me. I have my guard up with the intention to protect myself as I feel an increase of unfamiliar energies surrounding me.
The dream room is very important. It can tell us many things, whether it highlights something in your outer world, or an emotion or level of consciousness coming to light in your inner world. As the dream suggests a bit further down, she is at a ceremonial or workshop space, as she has come to see a shaman. So there is something the dream ‘story’  is trying to ‘teach’ her as the dream symbols emerge from her unconscious moving to her conscious knowing, through this dream.
Often defending or needing to protect oneself in a dream is an indication of something that is threatening us in the outer world. In this case there is someone observing her, but she immediately and intentionally puts her guard up to protect herself. I questioned the dreamer if this observer was a man, or woman, or perhaps the shaman that she mentions further into the dream. The dreamer says it feels like male energy, but not the shaman, and reiterates that she has to be on her guard. I would suggest in this case that she look to her outer world, whether friends or colleagues, and have her assess where she feels she is in need of being “on guard” or where she is feeling unsupported, as she assumes this new path for herself.

There is a shaman/priest behind a beaded curtain, sitting cross-legged on a platform to my right.
I ask the dreamer if the shaman is male or female. Are his eyes open or shut? Does he move, or is he in repose. She tells me that it is a male; he never moves as he seems to be in a state of concentration or calm; and she doesn’t know about his eyes. I note his posture indicates almost a meditative state.
Shamans and priests usually have access to, and can sometimes influence the Spirit world. That this shaman/priest is in repose indicates he is working either on his inner world, or with the Spirit world in a calm and focused manner. I could read this in two ways. One, the person she was studying with is someone she considers wise and with his ability to concentrate on the Spirit world, she is hoping to emulate that eventually herself in a better way. The other suggestion would be that her ‘inner shaman’, the one she is trying to develop, needs to find the time to concentrate and reflect.
He is behind a beaded curtain on a platform sitting cross legged.                                          Curtains represent either closing something off, or distracting someone from looking in. In this case though, the curtain is see through and made of beads. Beads signify connections to something, and in this case, a connection to being able to ‘see’ what can’t be hidden.

The shaman is on a platform; he is stable. But it also implies he is above her in his knowledge. The dreamer’s ability to access all the shaman can see within the spirit world, is not hidden from her, because this is a beaded curtain, and she can see him. It’s a thin line of separation between his world and her world; that she still needs to learn to sit in to actualize that space.

Between us, on my right and his left are two “guards” in black, holding swift ninja-like energy. They are inside the platform but are able to reach out so I avoid them to prevent them from grabbing at me. I stare forward.
To her right suggests she needs to use discernment and logic when working in these realms. To his left, implies he already trusts his intuition in these inner domains. She is staring straight ahead, she is trying to stay focused. I asked the dreamer–Why would the guards touching you be dangerous? She said perhaps because of her fear of the unknown she perceives them as dangerous, when most likely they were the shaman’s protectors.

The guards represent a number of things: they are in black, which on the Wisdom Wheels suggests listening to the Self. An important part of any teaching/teacher is to NOT take everything at face value, to see how it impacts you personally, and to make your own decisions with how to implement those energies or teachings. The shaman is in his centered place; the dreamer needs to find hers. I would suggest the ninja guards were there to show her how to protect herself.
The guards are reminders that she needs to not necessarily guard herself from the teachings, but to be on guard not to take everything as fact until she ‘has tried the meaning of the teachings on for herself.’ They have ninja-like energy, and can reach outside the ‘platform’ or plinth of centeredness and control. I believe her fear is that she may feel overwhelmed by her own power, when she does sit in that centered place. And, things in her world can collapse quickly if she doesn’t listen to her own counsel. Ninjas indicate stealth, skill, and self-discipline….everything you need to agilely move within the shamanic world.
Ninja’s can also suggest that something or someone is stalking you….so I would ask the dreamer, does she feel the shaman world is stalking her to actively learn all she can? Or counter, I might also ask her (going back to the beginning of her dream), if there is someone in her outer world who doesn’t want her to follow this path; someone whose beliefs are counter to hers; or someone who wishes to stop her from this path? These ninja-guards are actually there to teach her to be on guard in a good way; to be diligent in these studies.
A drum begins to beat and a chant rises in the background. A large floating boulder suddenly appears ahead and as the rhythms in the music rise it hurdles forward – I feel it is surely going to hit me in the face! I thrust out my left hand and in that hand I am holding a simple, cylindrical, wooden wand/staff.
A consistent drum beat synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The beat puts one into resonance with the self. Chanting is a way to manipulate energy, not dissimilar to drumming, and manipulation not necessarily implying in a negative way. It is used in ceremonies, be they churches, pagan rituals, and/or indigenous ceremonies, to uplift and align with Spirit, or bring in more focused energy.

For example Buddhist’s don’t chant to pray or ask for something, they do it to enhance teaching, learning, and recounting. It’s a way for them to connect to the higher energies within themselves, not outside the self. First nations People drum and chant to be in alignment with the Spirit World and to enhance the information in that communication or ceremony for the People. Where both drumming and chanting therefore take us within the self, it is a call to this dreamer to ‘go within.’
A boulder hurtles towards her, as the music rises. I would ask the dreamer to focus on the obstacles that she perceives are in her way to follow this path. By her own admission, when asked, she confided that the boulder felt like a ‘test.’
The boulder is an obstacle, possibly a test of her conviction to this shamanic path, and it is taking on momentum in her life. She holds out a simple cylindrical wooden wand/staff that stops it. I would suggests this is telling her that she needs to pace herself with this work, and the stick suggests consistency. She doesn’t need “to be hit in the face” with the power of this work, she can simply and consistently work at what this new found study brings to her. She has taken control of her own process with this wand/staff which represents vital energy, a creative gesture, or spiritual control.
I had narrowly protected myself as the boulder stops shy of hitting me and it begins to pendulum forwards and then away from where I’m standing.
She has gained momentum and focus in how to work the energies and to begin to make the decisions of how this path will impact and propel her. There will be times (like a pendulum) where she is more active, and times where she might not be able to be as active as she would like, for whatever her life circumstances are in the moment.
Becoming more lucid and aware, my attention is brought to my mind’s eye. I am conscious that I am in a “dream” state and feel a strong energy being directed into my third eye. I sense and “see” oval/circular images that display strange but familiar light symbols that are rotating and downloading into my forehead. I am aware of my physical body. My left arm feels heavy and my left hand is clasped in a tight fist as if I am truly holding the wand. I ride out the experience, internally chanting a personal mantra to abate any fears. The symbols ease into waves, patterns of light energy that when I open my eyes are still visible despite the darkness.
Here the dreamer flips into literally a lucid dream. In lucid dreams we have more control over the inner worlds of the dreamtime and the outer world we have labeled reality. To move into lucidity, when the dream  ‘teaching’ has been presented to you in the preceding dream sequence, suggests the Over Soul Self is taking you to a deeper level of understanding the information, position, or impact it has just presented to your dream memory.

The third eye is her inner sight opening. She sees symbols, light images, she is being downloaded with this information into her third eye, into her awareness, and that will work its way into her daily reality. Her Over Soul Self reminds her with the heavy feeling in her arm, and the sense of the staff still being in her left fist, that she needs to be consistent, diligent, and discerning in this work. Her personal mantra shows inner control and that she is ready to stand in her personal power.
She shared that the images resembled old cave drawings, things like the Nazca lines, and light encoded symbols. I would suggest this is a path she has walked before in some capacity, possibly in another lifetime. If we actually occupy multiple dimensions at the same time, like some quantum physicists claim, then perhaps she is awaking to another aspect of herself that wants to step forward to enrich her current waking reality? Either way, she has within herself a knowing, an inner knowing that is being re-awakened….like the new day she awakens too, while perceiving she can still see the ‘light energy’, despite the dark.
Yes we can see within the light and beyond the dark, more than metaphors these are ways to walk the middle distances!! And the shamanic world offers us just that, if we consistently utilize our awareness to create the safe boundaries we need to continue to expand our perceptions!!



Dreaming in the Hive Mind

Dreams are a manifestations created through the meeting of your imagination and unconscious ‘knowing’, and one way your subconscious deals with stresses. It is not uncommon to dream in reaction to the environmental vibrations being generated around you, especially if they are stressful. There is a Universal pulse that our unconscious selves is aware of, and in the dreamtime we are more susceptible to tapping into that frequency. Carl Jung’s collective unconscious explains part of this nicely.
I have chosen this dream for two reasons. Its symbolism is significant to this election cycle, (please know my interpretation is NOT a political statement*); and I believe this dreamer has her pulse on the more universal frequencies within the ‘fabric of time/space/breath’ that are being generated around the country in the “energetic mind soup” we are surrounded in.
*That said every dreamer and every dream analyst, has a lens through which they see things based on their history/herstory. I want to be fair for that possibility in this interpretation.
Though getting a bit scientific, I’m going to inject something here to support my belief that this dreamer was reacting more to a global pulse or beat. There is a study called predictive anticipatory activity or PAA. Quoting: “The phenomenon is ‘predictive’ because it can distinguish between upcoming stimuli; it is ‘anticipatory’ because physiological changes occur before a future event; and it is an ‘activity’ because it involves changes in the cardiopulmonary, skin, and/or nervous systems”…[side bar & my addition: I believe strongly, that dreams are another indicator through which the changes activate us.]
This PAA phenomenon is similar to what researchers have noted when world-wide events are about to happen and there is an unconscious, but notable ‘energetic spike’ recorded across the world as computer changes are generated by global reactions. It happened just prior to the great tsunami that occurred December 26, 2004, as well as pre and post 9/11. It’s called the ‘hive mind’. I quote one section of an article to make my point: “Since the 1990s, the Princeton researchers have been trying to measure this hypothetical giant, humanity-encompassing hive mind, by tracking the effect of events on a network of computers around the world that are set to churn out random strings of numbers. But the world paid relatively little attention to their efforts, until Nelson published this paper, “Coherent Consciousness and Reduced Randomness: Correlations on September 11, 2001,” in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2002. It reported that the traumatic terrorist attack, which caused a powerful out-pouring of emotions across the planet, had a measurable effect upon the network’s computers that was extremely unlikely to have been caused by chance.”
I always ask participants in my dream classes to give the dream a title. In doing so, you take action to bring a concept from the unconscious, and manifest an aspect of the dream’s symbology into your conscious state.
The Dream: (the dreamer’s title) Hilary and the wounded right.
I am visiting a friend, a Chelsea-Clinton-type young woman who is apparently my BFF.  She doesn’t look like Chelsea at all, nor do her parents look like Hill & Bill.  They all look Armenian–dark hair, olive skin, very distinctive non-Clinton faces, but I gradually realize that the mother is indeed Hillary.
Let’s first look at the word Chel-sea (‘chill sea,’ a deep set of cold emotions that may be hard to submerge oneself in comfortably for any length of time). Chelsea also means ‘port’…..Chelsea Clinton is a bright, articulate women and in many ways a ‘safe harbor’ or ‘port of call’ for her parents, despite their antics. The dreamer states she is not Chelsea, but Chelsea-like, but in the realization that her mother is Hilary, this makes it more likely that she represents Chelsea, or the fulcrum point of balance for this family, and possibly this dream.
They look Armenian, dark-haired, olive skin, distinctive, but not Clintonesque. Though Hilary means cheerful and merry, the adjectives used suggests that she might be keeping something ‘in the dark’ or possibly hiding something behind a mask that doesn’t represent who she/they (the Clinton’s) truly are.
Now that said, on the Medicine wheel, black stands for listening not only to the Self, but to the truths that others are speaking or sharing, so we can make better educated decisions. And, olive green represents a feminine archetype that needs to learn to bridge the will and emotions. I don’t think I am being unfair in suggesting that these two things are something Hilary has been accused of needing to bring into balance.
Ironically, one of the mantras of olive green is, “I can surrender to a new way of compassionate leadership for the sake of humanity.” The down side of this color is needing to transform fear and bitterness, if authentic empowerment is to occur. And this is their ‘skin’, skin is what covers us from head to toe, and is the first boundary or line of defense we present to the world. So some folks in this election see her as a woman who can bridge compassion and will as a sound leader for the things she believes strongly in; while others perceive her as someone to be feared, and a person who will bitterly and punitively defend her turf at all costs.
We’re in their very large home; they are entertaining guests.
(Homes/Houses in dreams usually symbolize the self. They are a personal refuge, a place where we go to relax with family/friends, or they can represent something about the self you are trying to explore. Specific rooms in the house indicate certain aspects of your psyche, so ending up in specific room, often says something about the act of your personal exploration within. 
The dreamer is in ‘their home.’ The Clinton’s private life has been thrown open once again to the general public. The size & shape and condition of the house says a lot-where this is ‘their’ very large house, it suggests that they have a large presence in the circumstances in which they currently find themselves.  They are interacting with many people (entertaining guests), which would also go along with what a candidate would need to do to gather forces. 
Chelsea comes over to me, excited, and tells me that she just saw her mother in a passionate embrace with their family doctor and the sense was they had just been intimate and were “finishing up.”  
I find this curious on two levels. One, the media is hyping a lot about the fact that Hillary may be sick, and that her doc is covering something up. This would be in the universal mind matrix. This could simply imply that she needs to watch her health. She and the doctor were in an embrace and the assumption is that they are intimate—Are they in cahoots together? Or having an implied affair? Certainly the media these past weeks have inferred both; that there are lies about her health and they have validated sexual scandals on both sides concerning Donald & Bill. In this case though, I am struck that an embrace means she needs support, someone to nurture her.
However, as all this innuendo “finishes up” in this electoral election, none of us should be surprised anymore by what else gets revealed. That is not implying Hilary is having an affair with her doctor, it is meant to say that we may get more intimate information about her personality as this whole campaign “finishes up.”
The numbness many are experiencing or counter point, the wrath some exhibit, will need to be dealt with (doctored) for us to become a healthier nation again that can ‘embrace’ our differences and ‘support each other’. So in this regard, Hilary has her own needs in this dream, and they reflect universal needs for our country; in a similar fashion that the dreamer having this dream is expressing her personal dream, while having also tapped into the matrix stimuli of a larger dream context.
Rather than being scandalized, Chelsea’s attitude was more, “Wow, who would have thought?” Other than that, she didn’t seem upset.
Speaking for myself and as interpreter, I think all the scandalized comments, exaggerated accusations, and vitriol have made many numb, like Chelsea’s reaction seems to suggest. We should be more intellectually upset than we are, but many are taking the attitude “Who would have thought?” Or worse, “What can we do?” or “Why should we care?”
In the next scene, we are outside and I get to see the house.  It’s built into a mountainside; everything is made from the rock.
The dreamer is now getting a look at this person/the house, from another perspective. Seeing a house from the outside of the structure, often means seeing the ‘façade.’  The house is built on a strong foundation and seems almost impenetrable; as a team the Clinton’s have always emulated that. It’s built into a mountainside, suggesting that they are very well entrenched, protected, or have secured a foundation that will be hard to move. You can’t move mountains. 
Everything is made of rocks. Does this imply their foundation, their rigidity, their perceived coldness, or their profound intellectual structured organization? Or do the rocks imply that they believe down to their very bones, (stones being the bones of the earth and corresponding to our human skeletal structure), that they have climbed mountains and built a strong foundation to preside over, and work hard for, humanity and the earth?  
We are down below the house on some type of pleasant plateau where the family entertains.
Down below the house/outer façade, on a plateau is where entertaining takes place-again the implication is that at the surface of who & what they show of themselves to be to the world, they occupy a pleasant zone of existence.  The terrain of a dream is very important, and says a lot about the context or symbolism in the dream itself. If one has reached a plateau, it suggest they have made a climb towards something and get to rest. When you climb down to a plateau, it suggests that little has changed and you might be resting on something you have attained in the past.
It is however a stable place, where they are more comfortable when they assess or ‘entertain’ the changes they seek to create or be part of.
There is a l-o-n-g staircase from the house down to the plateau, maybe 100 or 200 steps down. The staircase too is carved from solid rock, with a strong firm banister on the outer edge.  It’s really long but looks quite safe. 
Stairs in a dream, that are moving downward suggest going deeper into the Self. Look at the construct of the stairs to determine what this descent into the Self will look or feel like.  Stairs can also challenge us to take care of our approach to something. These are carved-implying they have purposefully been designed that way and come with a strong sense of form & function.
They are of solid rock, which means there is a concrete way to interpret how one gets to a safe place (the plateau). And the rock implies not much can shake them loose. There is a firm bannister on the outer edge, implicating that those descending will not fall into an abyss or be lost from the scene forever; they may get very close to the edge, but they will be able to recover any misstep.  There is a firm support with the bannister’s presence that will not allow them to fall over the edge.  
The house is large and very interesting architecturally, since it’s been carved right into the mountain
Although Hilary is the main focus in the dream, and on this 2016 campaign as the Democratic placeholder, the family is an intrinsic part of who she is. ‘Architecturally’, by design, she is not doing this alone. They are indeed an interesting family made up of many facets, and they have done battle, both pro and con over their many years together. They always land on their feet, and despite some of the scandals, they have carved out a solid place for themselves (the mountain) in politics, in history, as two distinct intellectuals, and as an intricately complex couple.
Guests are coming down to the plateau to join us. 
People have, and are, supporting her.  
The doctor appears at the top of the stairs.  Oddly, we notice he appears to have injured his right leg. Some type of serious strain. 
Going with the dreamer’s title, the conservative right as a unified whole, does seem to be limping along in this election. They are seriously strained as a party. Legs move us forward, and they seem to be struggling to move the party forward as a whole. It can also mean that the dominant part of Hilary, the right side, masculine, left brain-logos, discipline, direction and determination-needs some type of a healthy balance, as some people (falsely perhaps) perceive her as lacking true empathy and emotions.
He can get down the stairs if he moves very slowly and holds the bannister with both hands. He’s looking very uncomfortable and grunting.  It dawns on us that he “overdid it” when having sex with Hillary and injured himself.
The conservative right can appear off balance during these times, and needs to “hold on” to what they wish to exemplify moving forward after this election, no matter who wins. They can injure themselves for years to come if they “overdo” the rhetoric, that is actually tearing them apart as a party.  Sex is about integration, coming together, and can be simply seen as another expression for passion. I do think she is passionate about issues, but her naysayers always look for her woundedness and inconsistencies.
The problem here is if the right overdoes the rhetoric (and threats that their constituents have unabashedly said), in their effort to keep the House & Senate, even if they are not united fully behind their candidate, they will still injure their party through all the ‘grunting’/squabbling and uncomfortable feelings being generated.
We find this funny (it’s clear that the injury isn’t permanent and he actually can move around). Maybe he threw something out of place when over-exerting. Behind him another man comes to the top of the stairs.  As he starts down, it’s obvious he is also nursing an injured right leg.  The same injury.  He grabs the banister and starts down, limping and grunting just like the doctor.  They hear each other and look at each other; gradually it dawns on them that both of them have been having an affair with Hillary and have injured themselves in the same way. 
This can imply two totally different things. Perhaps, at this point in this election saga, some republicans are throwing their hat into the ring for Hilary cautiously, silently, or with even with more awareness. And if that were discovered, they would be embarrassed and shocked at who in the party has broken ranks. Or possibly, no matter how many times she pretends her ‘affairs’ are in order, something else comes up to embarrass her. (I’m thinking those pesky emails as they symbolize something being made public, similar to the men realizing each other’s affair with Hilary is now obvious, and would preferred it to have remained unknown.)  
They look shocked and then embarrassed. The first man links himself to the second man so they can help each other go down the long staircase.
The Republicans embarrassment at where they have allowed there candidate to go unchecked, and her embarrassment and past foibles, are linked together on many levels.
Chelsea and I look at each other and think this is shocking and hilarious.  Imagine!  Wow. 
This feels like an emotional release. If Chel-sea represents the ‘sea of emotions’ or if she represents “any port in a storm” then shock at the reality of what has unfolded, and humor at the absurdity of it all, will have to be two emotions integrated by the general populace for a healthy release from where we all now find ourselves, to occur. 
Imagine & Wow. Imagine from the Latin is to create a mental picture of, and from the French implies to sculpt, carve or embellish. I think the splintered ‘hive mind,’ whomever you vote for (and that in part is what the dreamer and Chelsea represent), have created a mental picture of the two parties, embellished by sound bites that can be shocking on the one hand and hilarious, if it wasn’t so important, on the other. Wow means enthusiastic approval, surprise, or success in some form. To me this word is a harbinger of something to come, because the dreamer wants us to “imagine wow.” And the dream, is promising more to come, so it asks the dreamer to pay attention.
Then a third person appears at the top of the stairs. It is Donald Trump.  He is also injured in his right leg.  REALLY?  Donald and Hillary?  He’s in pain too, and begins the descent, grunting and limping.  The other two men look back and the three of them realize what is going on and they all look sheepish. 
And here is the promise of more to come. Donald appears.
Three represents many things. This scenario has now happened 3xs. It could represent past, present, future; birth, life, death; beginning, middle, end. All these things apply to where we find ourselves as a nation in this election. However, three is also a magical number that can bring good fortune.
From the perspective of exposing the anger, polarization, and discontent of this nation, like exposing any shadow-side into the light of day (awareness), we have the potential and a choice to heal something deep and old in this nation.  This is what dreams offer to both the individual, and to the ‘hive mind.’ To bring what has been unconscious, ignored, and suppressed into consciousness.
It forms a triangle which often indicates easy flow coming; I believe we all need that. Upright it can be a symbol for the earth, and pointing downward, it symbolizes the element of water. Solidity and emotional flow—two things we are facing and need to bring together.  When something happens 3xs in a row in the dream, it is really directing us to pay very close attention. It makes the dream context specific and concretized. In this case Hilary needs to pay close attention to Donald Trump. He is limping without total support from his party.  But he too is injured, in his flawed personality. 
They all look sheepish. These men who may well represent the Republican Party, may be sheepish about how all this has unfolded and progressed to the point at which it currently stands. 
By this time Chelsea and I are laughing out loud.  “Go mom!” says Chelsea.
I could read this as you are rooting for Hilary; or that the sea of emotions will rise in Hilary’s favor; or perhaps that we will all have a good laugh after November 8th, although I doubt that last suggestion as things are currently too charged and will need calm heads to navigate the after-math.
Notice the focus is  still “on the men” who are coming down the stairs…..not necessarily Hilary, who is seemingly detached from their behaviors. It is you the dreamer & Chelsea who are aware of what is happening and what is being exposed, which is akin to the general public being witness to all this.
A fourth man appears, same injury.  We cannot believe it.  We are amazed and really laughing.  All four men are now linked to each other as they limp and grunt their way down.
Four gives me hope. Four represents stability, form & function. It is the symbol of totality and in initiations can represent the pieces that come together to create ‘all’. Think 4 directions, 4 seasons, 4 quadrants in astrology, 4 legs of a table or chairs-foundational stability. The number 4 is also the symbol for planet Earth, and this election will be very important for everyone globally, not just the US.
That said there is a caution. In the tarot 4 represents the Emperor and it is ruled by Aries. On the one hand the emperor is the all giving father or authority figure that offers stability, structure and new thriving energy as his input for the stability and growth of a situation, family, or kingdom. The energy can be both excited and exploratory, or in its infancy energy stage, due to it being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries—it can be demanding and aggressive, while imposing its will. There needs to be a balance to be the ‘good king’ and not the ‘angry despot.’
These are still the men coming down the stairs, so my suggestion is that this caution is applicable to what the Republican candidate and as such their party members, may represent.    
End of dream; I woke up laughing. 
To see all of this with a sense of humor is important. Life does present us with absurdities and moments of profound change when we need to grow and stretch and redefine. What will be, will be in the end and we will all have to accept it if we are to stay a democracy. Either way, what has been dislodged from the deep unconscious and under belly of the American public, like the gift of many dream scenarios, is now exposed and evident in the light of day, for our consideration and assessment.

Thank you dreamer for sharing. May we all vote and realize the honor of being in a country of democracy. God/Goddess bless the United States of America.